October 10, 2020

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  • Well for 8 extra girls sleeping over here last night, I slept incredibly well. Robby said that at 3 he didn't hear them at all. They may not have gotten much sleep, but at least they didn't wake the rest of us up.
  • Robby picked up doughnuts for us around 9. The girls did make their way down the stairs to eat breakfast. I also had a bowl full of fruit that they ate quite a bit of. After  breakfast, we didn't really see the girls for a while. 
  • I am not sure what exactly I did-well, I did a lot of sitting around today. I did straighten the kitchen and do some laundry, but soon it was time to load up the girls. At 11:30, I headed with them to grab some ice cream in Benton. 
  • Watching people order food, that they aren't paying for, does tell you a lot about a person and also that person's parents. I will say that I think I found a place that we can take the whole family because I did feed 11 girls (Campbell and Keaton came too) for 37 dollars. That made my smile because I sure thought that I would be spending a bit more than that. Probably what I saved driving to Benton was negated in gas!
  • A few of the girls were picked up from the ice cream place, and we dropped one more off on the way back home. The girls started trickling out around 2:30 though we did have a few stragglers that stayed longer which was fine with us.
  • We headed to the Ferguson's house at 3 to watch the football game. We had cookies and cheese dip  which were both delicious. We made supper out of it for sure. We enjoyed watching the game, though the outcome wasn't exactly what the folks had been hoping for. Last week, I happily enjoyed the last half of the ballgame while snoozing in my chair so this week so a fun change to watching the ball game.
  • When we came home, it was fairly late-the kids had their showers and a few of them had a snack. After bedtime, Robby and I had some ice cream while watching a few rv travel videos!

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