October 24, 2020

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  • We were a bit lazy this morning, but when we decided to leave the house, Robby and I did move pretty quick. Robby was thinking about running to the grocery store while I had just seen an ad for Cinnamon Cream Bakery-we just did both!
  • Let me tell you-that bakery smelled delicious. I wanted to stay there and if they would have had a 'help wanted' sign out, I probably would have put in an application. We each had a cinnamon roll and even bought some other cookie of some sort. And then on a last minute whim, Robby bought a container of pimento cheese! It was pretty delicious-not really worth what we paid for it, but it was delicious.
  • Then we went to Kroger. I think it was the most disappointing grocery store trip I have had in a while. Everything we would start to buy, Robby would look it up at Walmart, and the price at Walmart would be cheaper. We bought a few things, but not nearly that much at all. On the way home, I drove while Robby typed in our Walmart order which we received later in the afternoon.
  • After putting away our piddly groceries, I loaded up with Reagan to head to the pumpkin patch with her friends. There was about 8 of them, and I did have a few revelations on my patch visit: 1. Adults paying to get into a pumpkin patch is ridiculous (I would have paid to stay home.), 2. Adults walking around without kids looks odd (that was me since I let the teenagers do their own thing.) 3. We need to open a pumpkin patch (some of Reagan's friends bought a 10 dollar pumpkin to carve later this week-I bought Reagan a 3 dollar pumpkin from Walmart to carve.) 4. All pumpkin patches should sell hot chocolate or cider. (I almost froze my tail off.) and finally, 5. People watching is so entertaining. (I would have to try not to stare at people. And this is a bonus, but people talk so ugly to their kids and family.)
  • I brought all of those kids home after the patch. They were busy going from outside to inside. Of course, Campbell loves it when Reagan's friends come over because she thinks she is as old as the rest of them. This always causes problems with her sister making things just special! 
  • We eventually heated up some pizza. The kids ate, then the Wilson's showed up to finish up our leftovers. We capped off the evening with brownies and ice cream and only one extra kid at the house so I will say that it was a pretty great day.

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