October 21, 2020

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  • Man, for some reason I just keep waking up later and later. That is just not good. Maybe tomorrow I will be more on top of things-we shall see. It probably don't help that I do everything I can to get school ready to go at night so I really don't need much time from getting out of bed until starting school.
  • I didn't have too much time to read this morning because Keaton and Whitman had their zoom at 9:15. I really want for them to enjoy their online Bible study. However, I am not too sure that they are loving it. Campbell is in the same boat, and maybe it is because the big kids and I don't do our zooms each week.
  • Even though we weren't able to read much today, I have noticed that we are 1/3 of the way finished with history and science. If you remember, last year I was struggling to finish history, and not this year we are so far ahead that we might take a break next week to work on something else.
  • Whitman had super easy math today so he did finish his school work by noonish. I did look ahead and next week is borrowing in two different places on a math problem for him-let's just say he will just be finishing math at noon next week! Now he did watch Keaton do her multiplication tables today and said that he wanted to try. Yep, he figured it out and was able to do some simple times tables.
  • Reagan spent most of her day studying. I think that she is starting to feel more confident in her Comm Central classes which is super good. Tomorrow is a science test for her so we shall see how well she has studied! 
  • For chores today, I assigned Anderson to make banana bread. He wasn't too pleased with me for doing that! Ha! I reminded him that everyone needs to be able to cook so even though he doesn't like banana bread it is good to know how to make it. I do think that his banana bread turned out perfectly.
  • I don't know how the banana bread turned out because we took it to Pops' house to celebrate his birthday. He had just been to the cookie lady's house so he had a bag full of cookies. At least he HAD a bag full of cookies when we arrived. Unfortunately, I am not too sure if he had anything but a bag when we went home.
  • When we came home from Pops' house, Robby and Whitman ran to get his hair cut. It took a bit, but the product was super cute. When he came back in the house as we were eating super, his hair was super mohawked. My first question to Robby was "we can fix that right?" The lady just styled it that was so there was no cause for alarm.
  • We all headed to church tonight. Robby played with Gabriel after the Crafts left for dinner with friends. We then brought all of their crew home after church tonight. Let's just say that Robby and I had to count kids a few times to double and triple check that we had all of the people-11 kids. They didn't seem like a lot of kids when we got home, but trying to herd everyone to their car was tough!
  • The kids were a bit disappointed when the Craft parents arrived. They were having such a good time playing. We had a few minutes of downtime before it was bedtime for the crew. 

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