October 13, 2020

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  • Robby was already out of bed this morning when I woke up. Soon we started on our school work for the day. Everyone seemed to be on a roll this morning. Reagan was already finished with her stuff and waiting on me fairly early. Her math isn't clicking too well right now, but I know that will come,
  • Before I realized it, it was already time to take her to school today. And then later in the day, much before I realized it, it was time to go and pick her up. I had food on the stove, so Robby did jump in the car to go and get her. Thankfully, I did realize that I had to pick her up about 10 minutes before it was time! I am not used to people being at school. 
  • Oh, Whitman did his math today first. I stayed right by him as he finished prodding him along so that helped quite a bit. Today's math was all about borrowing! Since he finished his math first, he didn't have too much to finish and was done by the time I returned from taking Reagan to school.
  • This afternoon I spent quite a bit of time working on getting things ready for Keaton's party. One friend is allergic to milk and another to eggs so there has been lots of label checking happening. I think that the food is pretty much packed in the camper for Thursday along with food for the weekend. Now tomorrow is pack clothes day. 
  • We urged the kids to come outside. Outside is pretty much where Robby does his work while I was in and out working in the camper. They jumped on the trampoline, shot a ton of bb guns and even did some rope jumping. They stayed outside until we figured out what was for supper. 
  • We heated up our manicotti leftovers. There wasn't enough for Robby and I so we just munched on crackers while the kids ate-we are saving room for ice cream tonight! After supper, the kids started on showers. Campbell and I made a marble track again tonight. 
  • Then I looked at the clock and realized that it was just 8-we still had two hours left. I started on the blog while Robby turned on some rv videos-a super exciting night! 

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