October 15, 2020-Happy Birthday (party!) Keaton!

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  • All I can remember about this morning is that is was super dreary when our alarms went off. It was one of those mornings that I just wanted to stay in bed for another few hours. I wish that we could have done that, but instead it was time to get moving-there were just too few hours in the day.
  • We did our school work this morning. It didn't take long at all to accomplish our work today-well, until almost noon, but that isn't too bad. Whitman did actually zoom through his math today with me pointing at each problem while working with everyone else.
  • I had my shower around lunch time. Then I ran around throwing last minute things in the camper while helping make muffins and write an essay. It just seems crazy around our house these days-always jumping from one thing to another. Robby and I have realized though that we do better that way!
  • I took Reagan to school for her one class this afternoon. While she was there, I did some speed shopping with Graham, Campbell and Keaton. Our main mission was to find pound cake to grill this weekend-we were able to find it though it probably not as cheap as it would have been making it ourselves!
  • We picked up Reagan, brought Noah back to his house and picked up Lily while we were there. The party had officially began. We still had a few hours but Robby and I spent all that time piling things into the camper. Soon we will have all of our belongings in here and not many left in the house-that is the goal.
  • At four, Charlotte, Sophia, Anna and Rylee joined Keaton, Campbell and Lily at the house. They were all super excited about leaving. Robby had taken the camper along with Graham about an hour earlier to get everything set up for us.
  • We left the house around 4:15 with the birthday crew ready to celebrate. Graham was already off riding his bike when we showed up, but they had everything set up looking perfect at the campsite. The tent was up with the lights strung around it. The chairs were all siting on the mat. The birthday table cloth was on the picnic table with the birthday banner hanging inside.
  • After we arrived, I took the girls on a little walk. Then we moved on to opening presents because Keaton could not wait any longer. I do believe that her favorite present was shampoo and conditioner. 
  • After presents, we went on another walk down towards the river. The highlight of that walk was Robby riding Graham's bike back to the campsite to make sure that we blew out the candles on the table. The girls enjoyed swinging and probably could have stayed out longer but I was ready to eat. 
  • Back at the campsite, we heated up all of the items for taco salad. The girls devoured pretty much everything that I brought-I was underestimating their appetites. I had plenty of food, but not any leftovers.
  • Next the girls did the syran wrap ball-that seems to the must at any party right now that Keaton is at, so we had to have one too. They certainly enjoyed that, and it lasted a while. After the syran wrap ball, we moved on to s'mores. I do enjoy a good s'more, and I think that those girls do as well.
  • After we finished s'mores, Robby and Graham headed back home. They helped us straighten outside and made sure that we were all locked in. I think that Robby was a bit disappointed that I was the first one to spend the night in the camper by myself-well, me and 7 girls. 
  • Once inside, the girls found their pjs, and we started a movie. Right now, they are still watching the movie, and my fingers are cross that when it is over everyone goes quietly to sleep! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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