October 28. 2020

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  • Since Campbell spent the night at Grannymom's house last night, we were without her this morning so we didn't do our morning work together. That means that I slept up a little later plus when we did start on our school, we all started earlier than usual since we normally read for an hour. 
  • That worked highly to my advantage today. I am not really sure how or why, but by noon I had finished working with everyone, cleaned the sinks and potties and packed about 30 bags of candy for Halloween. I was moving!
  • Whitman and Reagan were the last ones to finish up. Whitman and I do have our routine right now- I work with him and then have him do his math as I am working with Keaton. I do know that if I leave the room at all (like when I was cleaning the bathrooms), he will stop doing all work so I have to sit down for a while to get him back on track.
  • Graham left this afternoon with Harrison. They did a little bit of work helping with Christmas shoeboxes. After they were done, he ended up at ChickFilA to supper so needless to say, he had a great afternoon.
  • Anderson asked if Noah could come over this afternoon. So they hung out and ended up making a huge pan of pasta along with Reagan. They all ate that for supper which was certainly fine with me.
  • We then headed to church tonight in the messy rain. Some weeks there seems to be more kids and other weeks there is less. Tonight was a down night in our group though Campbell said that they had a lot more where she was. 
  • When we came home tonight, the kids had showers-I had two that were muddy (Graham fell in the mud at church at Whitman fell in the mud once we got home.) Then it was ice cream truck night for the crew.

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