October 3, 2020 - Day 8 of Camping at the Beach

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It was chilly enough last night that Robby had to turn on the heat in the middle of the night. I do believe that we all slept well. Well, we slept well until right at 7 when Robby started this rig. Campbell, Graham and I woke right up. 

I changed my clothes and straightened a little bit-it is surprising how many things can fly around in a moving vehicle that you forget to put up each time. Then I climbed up in the front by Robby with his breakfast right after he pulled out of the state park. He even stopped to dump which didn't take long at all.

Campbell, Graham and Anderson were the first ones moving. They all came towards the front and grabbed their ipads to play as we soon pulled into Mississippi. Whitman was the next one who was awake-he was already given a poptart by Anderson before I even knew that he was awake. 

Keaton didn't really wake up until we were stopping for gas at 9. I will say that I think that I will always get a bit nervous when we stop for gas while pulling the car. Robby did just fine, but our turn had to be a bit sharp making me wonder if we were going to be able to make it. 

It is a pleasant day so I guess that if we had to get out and unhook, then that would be fine. We didn't have any problems at all though and were soon back on the road. By this time, most of us were working on our morning snacks while Keaton started making s'mores dip for her breakfast. 

I think that I have mentioned it, but the food. We brought so much food that it is just ridiculous. We could still stay out for about 4 more days without needing a grocery store. We have almost run out of milk, but other than that we have plenty of stuff. The pantry is so full that I still have to take things out to try to find what I need. I guess that I would rather have too much than too little. 

We zoomed on down the road today. We stopped one more time just on the side of the road for Robby to run to the restroom. It was a super quick stop-he was actually looking for a red light for me to jump into the driver's seat but never found one.

I made lunch-it does seem to get a bit easier getting things accomplished in the camper while bouncing around. It took me a few trips to figure out how to successfully turn on the generator too-now, we turned that thing on so we could make some popcorn and heat up Keaton's wrap.

We arrived home around 2 and worked until the football game started tonight. The kids worked hard-helping Robby unhook everything and when they weren't doing that, they were hauling things out of the camper and into the house. 

The camper is empty, but not yet cleaned. That will be tomorrow's task. Let's see, we have done about 10 loads of laundry (no lie). I have washed everything that can be washed from the camper plus all of our clothes. Most things are folded except for 2 loads, so that isn't too bad at all. And speaking of laundry, Campbell, without being asked, kept my laundry going while Robby and I ran to go and get gas for the camper and my van. They both were almost empty so we put about 75 gallons of gas in them.

We heated up some pizzas for supper and sat around the tv watching the Hogs. I watched the first half, but did snooze through the second half. It was a great day and a great week. I am glad to be home, but I am ready to leave again!

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