October 6, 2020

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  • Tuesday's used to be our calmer day around here, but with Reagan going to Comm Central things are just a bit crazy. I do think that she is loving it, but right now she is a bit overwhelmed.  They seem to try to cram a lot in a 50 minute class. They also expect them to do a lot which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Reagan is pretty smart and motivated so if she is having a hard time staying afloat then I can't imagine the others. 
  • We did our morning work together this morning. Then the kids started on their school work. Things went fairly well this morning. I will say that some days, I wish that I was an unschooler (those folks that don't do much schooling, but still end up raising brilliant kids). 
  • Robby took Reagan to school. While they were gone, everyone else went outside to run a mile and play some football. The football didn't end too well at all. They must have all made up, because 2 more times during the day the kids went outside to play a game of football.
  • I worked on the camper some today. I have most things put back, but still have to clean the kitchen. That doesn't take too long when the kitchen is only about 3 feet. I will say that I really need to clean my big kitchen and pretty much all of this house. It is a getting a bit rough in here-I did print out myself a chore chart, so maybe we can get this place back on track.
  • I left fairly early in the afternoon with Shannon to go a thing at her church. The speaker was hilarious plus they had food trucks and a roaring fire. What could be a better end to the day? After it was over, Shannon and I both ate a chicken biscuit topped with pimento cheese and cooked sweet onions-it was delicious. So delicious that I saved half for tomorrow or to share with Robby.
  • After I came home, we watched a few tv shows while playing a card game with the kids. Tonight's game was 5 Crowns-it is a pretty neat game. Robby and I ended the evening with some ice cream before heading to bed. 

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