October 17, 2020-Mountain View Weekend

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Oh how wonderful this camper sleeping is Everyone slept well, and I do believe that everyone stayed warm. The heat vent in our little bedroom area doesn't put out much heat so Robby put a sleeping bag over our comforter. I was not warm, but I was burning last night! I must not need as many covers as he does-though he does complain that I wrap myself up in all of the covers!

The kids started waking around 8 which was a perfect time. The sun was up so when we started making our breakfast it wasn't too chilly. All of the girls worked on making the pancakes while Robby went to town on his breakfast creation-chorizo, cheese and egg quesadillas. They were certainly a hit with most of us. 

After doing some cleaning-I am not sure why this cooking outside is so messy, but it sure is. While we cleaned, the girls went to the park with Reagan and the boys rode their bikes some. Whitman did try to ride his bike for a little today, but we did realize that he has forgotten how to ride so that is one more thing for us to work on in the next few days.

Once we had loaded everything up, we headed towards Loco Ropes in Mountain View. Robby bought all of the kids two tickets each, and we each had one. The choices were doing the zipline, the freefall or the rock wall.

After buying tickets we put our harnesses on. We weren't sure that we were going to get Sophia to do the zipline, but after climbing the steps they clipped your harness up, and there wasn't much getting out of it. The kids all went without hesitation even Sophia. Robby and I also picked the zipline as our choice so we went after the kids. When I took the first step off and started flying through the trees, I first thought that maybe I was going to be nervous, but nope it was a pleasant little ride. 

Whitman didn't want to do the zipline. He wanted to do the free fall. We all made it back to the bottom of the tower before he jumped off. That child didn't hesitate at all to jump down, but he did look a bit scared as we quickly fell to the ground. 

Then it was time for everyone's second choice-the rock wall. Personally, I would have done the zipline again. They all did great on the climbing wall and climbed and climbed until their hands were red, and they were exhausted. Now, Whitman, bless. He could hardly climb 3 feet before he would give out and fall to the ground landing on his back after the harness lowered him down. By the end he would shout, "I want a refund" each time he fell.

From there, we went to the Ozark Folk Center. The Arkansas State Parks now have a passport and stamps at each park. That makes me so excited! I will have to have the Mississippi River State Park send me their stamp, but hopefully they will do that. 

We then started touring the village full of craftsmen. There were glass makers, candle makers, knife makers and the list went on and on. I will say that the favorites were the quilter. She showed the kids a corn husk bed and showed them how to tighten the bed. You had to tighten the ropes on the bed so the corn husk mattress wouldn't touch the floor which would lead to bugs getting into the mattress-hence the expression "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite."

Then the other favorite place was the doll maker. She gave each of the kids a button on a string. They were free but man, did we ever get our moneys worth. It is 11 right now and at least 3 folks are playing with theirs right now. They have taken them everywhere today. Just all the kids playing with buttons and strings. I think that Keaton was kidding when she said, "this is the best toy I have ever had." But I am not too sure if she was kidding or not.

After the Folk Center, we came back to the campsite to watch the Hogs game. Anderson and Graham had the best time watching the game outside. It was a good game to watch. Robby did some more cooking while the game was on-nachos. He griddled them on the blackstone. Nachos topped with cheese, chicken and taco meat. 

I think that his new griddle is his absolute favorite thing. Everything that he has cooked so far, he has watched on a youtube channel. Everyone loved the nachos, so that means that his next blackstone meal will have to be just as good.

During half time, Robby and I went to the square. It is about 2 minutes away. We could have walked but instead we drove. We walked around the square listening to all of the live music that was happening. It was quite a site to see. We even went into a few shops but didn't find anything that we had to have. Now, the ice cream shop had a line that stretched into the street, so we didn't wait in that line.

When we returned, we watched the rest of the game while the girls did some pumpkin carving. They came up with their design on their own, and it turned out pretty good. Whitman wanted no part of the pumpkin carving because he wanted his own. Graham helped with the carving some as well. 

Once the pumpkin was done, we cleaned up some more before heading back to the square with everyone. From 7 to 9 they had a band playing at the courthouse. We sat around with everyone else to listen to the music. I will say everywhere we go at home, everyone is wearing masks. Not so much here-there were some masks along with masks in the stores, but for the most part you wouldn't know that we are in a national pandemic-it was kind of nice!

It wasn't nearly as chilly as last night, but it was still a bit cool outside during the music. We came back after hearing a bit of music-we did learn that the start instrument is the fiddle. Anyway, there is a chance of rain tonight so we packed up our campsite before coming in. It didn't take too long with everyone helping.

It then took a bit of time for some more straightening up inside. We then started on our supper. Since we had eaten a very late lunch, supper tonight was sandwiches. Everyone had some and ate as we started our movie-Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It was a pretty good movie that I remember watching at a sleepover when I was little. 

Unfortunately, the movie was a bit longer than I wished. It didn't stop until 11 so getting everyone in bed took a few minutes-meaning that bedtime was late tonight! That was fine though since we should have a lazy morning!

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