October 14, 2020

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  • I was expecting some great things today when Whitman came downstairs this morning and started right on his school work. Great things didn't happen at all-he was still working on school late this afternoon. One day, we will get this all figured out!...at least I hope.
  • We did our reading this morning, though we weren't able to finish it all because Keaton and Whitman had their Bible study zoom. Soon after they had their zoom, Campbell had hers. It was a bit of a slow-ish school morning, but we got it all accomplished before too late in the afternoon
  • I did a bit of camper work this morning. Then I moved back in the house to mark a few things off of my list. 
  • This afternoon Reagan and I dropped Graham off at Harrison's house to play for a few hours before it was church time. While he was gone, Reagan and I ran to TJ Max to spend a gift card of hers. We didn't have any luck, but if I did have a few more minutes then I would have definitely found me something.
  • We then ran to Kohls to return something along with Target to window shop. All of that and I forgot to run by Kroger, but there will be a chance tomorrow. When we returned home, we just enoug time for me to shut my eyes for a few minutes (oh, my eyes have been killing me today-I started the day with getting my hair in one eye which hurt for an hour and then the other has been allergy itchy since I woke up.)
  • We had church tonight, and there were a lot more kids there tonight. After church, Robby had some pizza ready for us. Then I had everyone pack their clothes for this weekend before there were a few free minutes before bedtime.

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