October 7, 2020

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  • I am not too sure how it happened today, but for some reason school wasn't that bad. Keaton and Whitman had their Bible study zoom call first. Then Campbell had hers (now, her zoom call somehow kicked her off-not sure how that happened?) While they were zooming, I didn't really have anyone to work with though somehow we seemed to finish fairly early. Though my definition of "early" has now become 1:00.
  • For lunch today, I had my leftovers from last night. They were still just as good. I had thought about sharing them with Robby, but since he was outside working. The camper shed is looking pretty nice with some help, Robby now has a super level layer of gravel underneath it. It looked really nice, and we can't wait to get that camper covered. 
  • Robby and I did run to Home Deport today for some items needed for his gravel. While we were there, I found trim for the girls' new mirror. Now I prefer Lowe's but I still do enjoy Home Depot-for my Christmas, I plan on asking for Lowe's gift cards. 
  • On our way home, we did run by Sonic for the kids. Robby decided that the kids needed a drink-I am sure that Reagan did. She had run a mile or close to it. This was her second day in a row to do this. Graham and Campbell also walked/ran two miles. I am not sure what all of this running is about, but I know that I am the one that really needs to be out there.
  • Soon it was time to head to church tonight. Whitman always wants to know if we are going to "long church." I would have to assume that by long church, he is referring to Sunday morning. Whitman's group spent a good deal of time on the playground tonight, so I am know that he had a great time-and probably didn't think that it was so long.
  • When we arrived home, Robby had chili ready for us. After eating that, I helped Reagan review for a test. Then we brought back our Sunday evening ice cream truck-we had a multitude of choices tonight. Hopefully, there is still ice cream for me tonight though!

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