October 27, 2020

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  • Some days the mornings seem so long ago that it is hard to remember how our day started. This is one of those mornings.  I am sure that I slept in as long as I could-then my usual routine right now is to give the however minutes until work together time warning which often includes waking up Keaton and Reagan. Then I put on some clothes and socks, brush my teeth and take the laundry out of the dryer. By then it is time to work together, but I quickly throw the dishes out of the dishwasher before calling Reagan down. She is the slowest to appear, so no one else gathers until she is seen downstairs.
  • We are reading through a constitution book right now, so we did more of that and less of other things while working together. Then we finished in time to start on school early. Campbell has worked super far ahead this week and is enjoying tonight and tomorrow at Grannymom's house.
  • They actually have worked all day long on a sweet sewing project that Campbell thought up. I tell you, that girl is so kind hearted. I hope that Campbell helped-though I bet after today, Grannymom will make sure that Campbell gets her own sewing machine for Christmas.
  • We didn't have long today to do our school work. At 11, we started getting ready because everyone but Reagan was heading with me to meet my Bible study group at the park. While Robby was taking Reagan to her school. We had fun at the park though we did freeze a little bit. It was chilly even with my two pairs of britches on!
  • After the park, we dropped off Campbell at Grannymom's house. Then we headed home-I was just home for a little bit because I soon had to pick up Reagan from school. She had a good day at her classes-though one of her teachers is just calling in on zoom for a while. 
  • We then ran to Walmart to return a shirt, Target to browse for shirts and Kroger to buy a few things before they go off sale tomorrow. We weren't gone surprisingly long at all. When we made it home, I had time to work on my Sunday school lesson before we made supper.
  • And by we, I really mean Robby. He made pancakes-I did stand around in the kitchen and help, but he really made them. I used to not like pancakes at all, but they have certainly grown on me lately and they are one of my favorites. They were pretty good tonight on this cold and dreary night for sure.
  • There was another game of Clue tonight. I did win this time, but Graham had already guessed wrong and was out of the game so that left me playing against Keaton and Whitman. I am not too sure how well Whitman was keeping up with the game-though he did know the murder weapon.
  • I can now tell that it is wintertime-it seems like we are all home and inside earlier plus the evenings seem to drag a little bit. Maybe I will watch a Halmark movie!

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