October 31, 2020-Happy Halloween 2020!

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  • I woke up in the middle of the night last night coughing in Robby's face. Thankfully, me coughing all over him didn't wake him up at all, but gracious I did get tickled. That wouldn't have been a pleasant way for him to wake up.
  • We slept wonderfully well even with all of the other folks here in the house. I think that the girls said that they went to sleep at 3 so you could probably say that a more accurate interpretation could be 2ish. That is a decent time though by mid morning Campbell was a bit weepy. Robby made sure that they had a bit of downtime before tonight's festivities.
  • I had plans on making pancakes for the spend the nighters this morning, but they were rummaging in the kitchen early enough that I sure didn't bother to get out of bed. Whitman had already been in our room to ask for milk. He is funny because he thinks he has to ask for milk every morning even though he gets his own breakfast. This morning he asked if he could get some milk and then told me that Graham could get it for him-we still don't trust him to pour the milk container (though when Keaton was 7 she was making her own pancakes.)
  • Robby took the girls home while Reagan and I left for her ball game. It was a pretty rough game. and they lost by 3. I think that Reagan still enjoys soccer even though her team isn't really a winning on this year.
  • The weather was nice though I did get a bit chilly at the end. Nonna and Pops along with Jason even came to watch Reagan play today. After the game was over, we hurried home so she could have a shower. 
  • Robby had already loaded up the kids and headed to Grannymom's and then to Nonna's houses to trick or treat. We ended up arriving at the Fergusons about the same time. 
  • We had a great time all evening long. The kids went from dad to dad trick or treating. We had tons of chili, hot dogs, potato soup and cheese dip. There were s'mores and a hay ride. They even had the Razorback game playing. 
  • We stayed super late and as soon as we came home everyone started their candy trading. I think that trading candy is one of their favorite things to do during Halloween and Easter. After the trading, there was showers for all before it was finally bedtime. 

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