October 19, 2020

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  • I knew people were tired this morning when Whitman came into my room. Robby was already gone doing his work, but I was still in bed. I talked to Whitman, and asked who else was awake. I thought knew the answer since he was in my room, but I was wrong. Anderson was awake, but was quietly playing the xbox upstairs with Graham still sleeping.
  • We still started our work together by 8:45 and were finished by 9:30 so that was perfect. I worked with Whitman first. Then he worked on his math pages. He did those well which led to him finishing his work before lunch today-a miracle!
  • I was able to work with everyone today without too much overlapping. Sometimes everyone is ready to work with me and other times I can't find anyone to work with me. Thankfully today everyone was finishing at different times. 
  • After lunch I cleaned the camper which didn't take long at all. I want that things to stay ready for the next trip. Unfortunately, we don't have a trip this weekend, but Robby is already working on one coming up. 
  • Anderson and Graham had a discipleship group at church this afternoon. I took them and then picked up my library books before buying a few gallons of ice cream. Unfortunately, they didn't have many flavors of ice cream so we may get tired of the flavors that I bought. I guess though getting tired of ice cream and eating less of it would be a good thing.
  • Harrison came home with us after their meeting so the boys spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing the xbox. I am not sure why there was so much screaming during all of this, but gracious there must have been something exciting happening on their video games.
  • Keaton and Campbell spent a lot of time making and playing with clay this afternoon. I guess they were inspired by the potter in Mountain View. Campbell even decided that she wants a potter's wheel. I am not sure that is a feasible gift idea-but maybe we could find her some pottery classes.
  • Reagan spent the day doing school work-she has a test on Thursday and an essay due today. She already received her essay grade-an A. All of her grades are pretty great right now, except in Spanish. She is super behind which is fine because she can finish this online class at anytime that she wants.
  • Robby took Reagan to her soccer practice tonight while Campbell and I made potato soup along with some cornbread for supper. The soup was super easy, made a ton and was pretty good so I was pleased with the recipe though I think that I have made it before. 
  • When they came home we ate supper. Around 9, we took Harrison home. And finally we finished watching the Cowboys play their sad game before having everyone go to bed tonight.

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