October 8, 2020

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  • I started off the morning tell the kids how Thursdays have always been my favorite day. From the time that we hosted a houseful of folks every Thursday to watch tv (which Robby had been doing long before I was around.) all the way to this year (with Thursdays being out last day of school for the week) I have just always loved Thursdays. 
  • It has seemed like every school day lately, there has been something happening so I am having look at the clock constantly. Tuesday and Thursday Reagan had school and Wednesdays the littles have zoom-it always makes things seem a bit crazy. But like always, we manage to get most things accomplished.
  • I left at 12:10ish to get Reagan to school for her biology test. Seriously, biology is kicking my butt this year. I don't remember it being so tough-I don' t know, nor can I even find in the text book, what properties determine a protein. Plus, I'm not even the one taking the class! Agh! 
  • While Reagan was taking her test, I ran to Kroger with Graham and Keaton. Yes, we had also gotten a Walmart delivery today-don't judge. We needed a few more sale items plus some fruit. And would you believe that Walmart substituted Robby's order of blueberries for a tiny container of organic blueberries (he got his money back), but then Kroger overcharged me for my blueberries (I told the cashier, she "fixed" it, but when I was back at home, I realized that it wasn't really fixed.) Urgh!
  • Reagan came home and felt that she did fine on her test. I wasn't around too long after that because I soon was heading to New Beginnings with Keaton. Keaton was so excited because this was her first time to go. Campbell was not happy at all because she had wanted to go (she has already been). 
  • Keaton worked hard while we were there-we bagged up diapers and folded clothes. She didn't stop and was super polite. Cute little thing! 
  • Speaking of the cute little thing- last night at church, I was convinced that she had pink eye because her eyes were well, pink or red might be a more accurate term. I had some eye drops and went to town on her. This morning her little eyes looked fine, but she has still received a few doses of drops today and will tonight. Also, Graham continues with his poison ivy/hives/whatever it is. I am giving him benedryl twice a day and have never seen him scratching so hopefully he will be over it soon. 
  • Tonight was the much awaited manicotti for supper tonight. It is definitely a crowd favorite-except for Reagan who doesn't like it with the sausage. You can't please everyone all the time!...or really, that saying should go, you can't please everyone all at the same time!
  • Robby and I worked on the camper some tonight. We are ready for the next trip-even more organized. Then it was time to sit around a do nothing for the last hour or so until the kids went to bed!

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