October 23, 2020

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  • Keaton and I had to leave the house super early this morning for her second blood draw at the Nutrition Center. They didn't get enough last time because since the stopped because she was seconds from passing out. Today went much better-they were able to get three of the four vials of blood that the needed from her before she started going downhill.
  • She does recover quickly, and the Nutrition Center people sure did enjoy her because she was super sassy. It is funny because she isn't usually like that, but she has been both times that we have been there.
  • When we left the Nutrition Center it was crazy dark and crazy rainy. It took me a while to find the windshield wipers and lights on the mini van. I am not used to driving it much so I can't find anything on it. 
  • This morning when I woke Keaton up, I thought that she was about to cry. I then quickly reminded me that we would get a tread afterwards-Starbucks strawberry acai lemonade. So that is where we headed next. She was super pleased with her drink-and I was super pleased that I had a gift card. 5 dollars for a lemonade? Really?
  • By the time we made it home. the rain had slowed to a perfect drizzle calling for a perfect nap. Most people still weren't stirring at home, so I curled back up into bed. It was a good thing that I had already marked most things off of my list today since I didn't get much at all accomplished this morning.
  • I did do Bible study with Keaton and Whitman, load up the camper (always ready plus I had a few things to put inside) and then we fixed set the girls mirror up in their room. It looks really nice-so nice that I was inspired to go and get the other mirror that they want. 
  • Keaton and I were about to leave for Hobby Lobby when I kept hearing thunder. The weather said it wasn't going to rain, but when it started pouring I didn't believe their prediction anymore. We waited until after the rain before heading to Hobby Lobby.
  • This time Campbell and Whitman decided to join Keaton and I. This is fine except they want to shop themselves when they really have no income. I would like to shop or at least browse too (yes, I also have no income as well)! Anyway, I will browse someday, but for today we Campbell bought clay, and I bought the girls' mirror.
  • We came home and watched some camping videos before Robby made chili while I made cornbread. My cornbread was a last minute addition since my plan was to open a can of corn to heat so we could spoon some corn into our chili (Anderson does not like corn at all.) Instead it was cream style corn so I had to make some cornbread quickly.
  • We ate out supper, cleaned the kitchen and then settled into watch the Scooby Doo movie. Whitman loved every second of the movie-including the Scooby Snacks that we had bought before Covid to eat when we finally watched this movie!
  • After the movie, the kids dispersed so we wouldn't think about them and possibly forget to put them into bed-it didn't work though.

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