October 20, 2020

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  • Today was a bit more hectic than yesterday. It seemed that everyone had new math, and everyone had lots of questions!  We finally figured everything out, and folks were able to start to work. Even though I left by 11:20 to take Reagan to school, and when I came home, I didn't have anyone still doing school so that was a win.
  • Now taking Reagan to school has become interesting. She wants to get there when they start lunch, but she doesn't want to go in until people come outside. Today we waited 20 minutes before kids did start coming outside. That was also fine with me because I was able to catch up on my emails while we waited.
  • Speaking of catching up-I forgot to mention this the other day: Sometimes you just think that your kids are smarter than they really are. Anderson was giving Graham a hard time about his deodorant when I walked into the room. Later I heard the whole story-in the camper, I had given Graham a brand new deodorant. He had been using the new deodorant with the plastic thing that comes on new bottles still on top of it. He said that he thought it was strange since his other isn't like that. He said that he even rinsed the top off with water thinking that would make it work better. Gracious me!
  • This afternoon I flittered from one project to another not really accomplishing much at all. I did glue the trim on the girls mirror-we only have to cut a few boards to stand behind it before setting it in it's place. I even worked on some Christmas ornaments-which has gotten me in the mood to buy a few Christmas presents.
  • I did run to pick Reagan up-we didn't forget her this week. Campbell came with me, and we went to one store to buy a birthday present. While we were there, Reagan said that she wanted to work there. I kind of agreed with her because I would be able to find a few things that I wanted there as well.
  • We picked up supper on the way home which means that we ate at 5 this evening. Yesterday, we didn't eat until after 7:30 so that meant that tonight our evening felt super long-Campbell went through some Halloween costumes, I worked on Sunday school for next week, the boys played video games and Reagan studied for a test! Overall it was a pretty restful evening which was nice.

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