October 5, 2020

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  • For a Monday today wasn't too bad at all. I slept a bit later than I should have, but I was still able to get school started by 8:30. I am starting right now of our pile of books that we will read tomorrow morning when we do our together work. It is about a foot and a half high-and my favorite part of the day. I guess that some day I might just have to become a librarian because I sure do love library books. Anyway, that is not to relevant to our day around here.
  • During our school morning, the roofer man came to put the roof on the rv shed. It didn't take too long for him to do that so that is one more step finished. There are just a few things left and that project will be over-gravel is the next thing on the list followed by staining the posts and lighting. Once that is all finished, what will be our next project? I am pushing hard for a fire pit and Adirondack chairs surrounding it.
  • Whitman took just about all day to get his school work accomplished. I tried to have him work right by me, but that didn't help speed things along today at all. We will eventually get it figured out. Speaking of figuring things out, I sure am enjoying our spelling break that he and I are taking. I plan to start back at the first of the year-those are my plans at least!
  • I did some work on the camper this afternoon. Everything has been washed and folded. Now I am slowly cleaning sections of the camper and putting the things away. This takes longer than usual since there was sand everywhere, and we felt that everything needed to be washed. It will be so clean that I will not want to go anywhere.
  • At some point on the trip or after we came home, Reagan lost a pair of her shorts. She doesn't have many shorts, so this did cause a problem. We have looked everywhere for them, but they have apparently vanished. So we left early for her soccer practice to stop at Academy to find replacements.
  • We did find a replacement (not a cheap replacement). As we were walking out, she spotted a sweatshirt. We walked past it and I asked if she would want that for Christmas. After trying it on, she decided that she wanted it right then. I did find that it was cheaper to order it for store pick up online so we had Robby do that-then after soccer, we went and picked it up from the store.
  • She was super happy with her purchases and so was I though I wish that she would have let someone buy her that shirt for Christmas since it isn't that very far away.
  • While Reagan was at soccer practice, I sat in the car and did some Bible study, read a book and worked on my travel journal. By the count in my travel journal, we have been on 108 trips. That isn't too shabby at all. 
  • Back at home, Robby had made quesadillas for supper tonight. They were delicious!. This evening after I worked some more in the camper, I played a card game with the kids. Then it was finally time for bedtime!

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