October 26, 2020

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  • Whitman joined us in bed this morning and soon he was right back to sleep-and so were we. That boy is cuddly in the morning. It was almost 8:45 when we started our morning work today. The kids went to town on their work. Anderson was finished early and even Whitman was done by 12:20. Campbell even did three days of math. 
  • I do always think it is funny that none of the kids are like me-I would have finished all of my school work on Monday morning and then been bored out of my mind the rest of the week. 
  • There was no time to be bored today-I believe that we played Clue a total of 3 different times. Graham won the first two times by lucky guesses. And I won the third time this evening with a lucky guess as well.
  • Robby took a few kids to Grannymom's house today to drop off some things and then they ran to the store. While he was gone, I marked a few things off of my list, and then ran to the pregnancy center to be in a few pictures and a video-I think they are making a commercial or something probably to show in churches. 
  • I made it back home just as the others did. Robby and I just knew that Reagan wouldn't have soccer practice today since it was just wet and drizzly all day. Imagine my surprise when they said that they would indeed have practice. 
  • I drove her out there and then hurried back up to Walmart. I did some Christmas stocking shopping and almost have finished those-yep, I am doing good. This week I do have to lay out everything and see what else I need to buy for folks.
  • I was headed back to the car-nearly running back to the car-when I Reagan did text saying that practice was over. I flew out there and made it just as the last other girl was picked up. I think that she had fun at practice and didn't freeze to death so that was good,
  • When we came home, Robby grilled hot dogs for us to eat. We had special buns-but they just tasted okay. Some folks had some leftovers hamburgers, so we are working on cleaning out the fridge. After supper, we played one last game of Clue before I did some computer work and it was finally bedtime.

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