October 22, 2020

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  • Robby left early this morning to ride to Springdale with Casey, so that left me unashamedly hitting my snooze button far too long this morning. I just really want a morning when I can sleep in-on those mornings that I can sleep in, I usually have to wake up to go the bathroom and can't go back to sleep.
  • Tomorrow should be the sleep in morning, since school is mostly done for the week. I tell you, it will be hard to go back to Bible study next year. We are knocking school out this year-4 days of school every week plus not than many trips during the middle of the week has us moving along (well, most of us!)
  • However, tomorrow isn't going to be a sleep in day since Keaton has a repeat blood draw at the nutrition center. And bless her excema is super bad right now-I hope they can even have room to prick her. Ugh!
  • School today went just fine. Graham did have a bit of a meltdown-if he doesn't understand his math (this was a review) he kind of loses it for a little bit. He gets so stressed out even though it is okay to not understand math-that is why we have to practice it.
  • Whitman is just my reader. I wish that he would read more during the day-I should probably make him really. During his 20 minutes of reading today, he read 3 books. I really think that he would be just fine if I let him just read all day long and not do any of his other school work. He would love that idea, but it probably isn't too wise.
  • Reagan spent her morning studying for a test. I took her to school around noon. When we picked her up, she wasn't too sure how she did at all. Robby and I were both pretty much straight A students, so you would think that we would be proud of her studying so much-we are, but we also now realize that there are so many more important things other than good grades.
  • While Reagan was at school, Keaton and I did some speed shopping at Walmart. The other day we had way too little time during Reagan's class, but this week we even browsed some before leaving the store.
  • Now, speaking of more important things-I took Campbell to the pregnancy center today to volunteer with me. She had a blast. I sure wished that we lived closer so I could feel like we could go there every week. Anyway, Campbell was able to see an ultrasound today and even play with a baby for a little bit. She had a blast-and stayed super busy packaging diapers and sorting baby clothes.
  • We made it home about an hour before Robby made it home from his day's adventure. When he came home, we jumped in the car to head to Pops' house to celebrate his birthday with supper and pie Pops wasn't feeling to good tonight, but I do think that he enjoyed the company-at least we enjoying going over there.
  • We made it home in time for the kids to watch some tv before bed. I was even able to have my shower before the kids went to bed tonight. We started some laundry, didn't need ice cream because of our dessert at Pops', and then watched some rv videos before bed.

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