October 9, 2020-Happy 15th Birthday (party) Reagan!

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  • I do realize that I am not created to wake up early. I had to be at Children's Nutrition Center at 8 this morning with Campbell and Keaton, and I have been exhausted since. It is a good thing that we have 10 teenage girls spending the night over here tonight so I can catch up on my rest-ugh, not really.
  • Campbell and Keaton decided to do today's research study. It involved a blood draw first thing. Campbell almost ran off during her flu shot this year, so I wasn't sure how she would do. She went after Keaton and actually did perfect.
  • Keaton wasn't nervous during hers at all. However, after they had to stick her twice, she almost did pass out. I wasn't paying too much attention until they started fanning her. I looked at her, and she no longer had any color in her little face. The blood drawer guy was excellent so it wasn't him, but that does mean that we have to return in a few weeks for another blood draw.
  • They did a ton of little tests today-the one that I thought that seemed like the most fun was riding a stationary bike while the increased the difficulty. Of course all of this was done while they had a mask on to measure their breathing. There were also stretches that they had to do along with hand strength.
  • We were there until almost lunch. 15 years ago when we were going to the nutrition center with baby Reagan, their lunches were boxes from a nearby restaurant. Now, they have some microwave meals that you can choose from. It just wasn't the same!
  • On the way home, we did run to Whole Foods to spend 10 dollars so we can get 10 dollars off on Amazon Prime day. I bought strawberries for tonight's party then wandered around the store trying to find something that was a decent prize. We looked and looked but couldn't find too much. I did eventually pick me out some granola-not because it was decenlty priced but because it was what I wanted. I hadn't had a microwaveable meal for my lunch.
  • Then it was a trip to Sonic for the girls to get their reward drink. Next I hurried home so I could get a few things accomplished. The kids had pretty much straightened the house this morning and done their chores. I worked in the kitchen some and ended up spending most of my time pulling out school. It took my awhile because I was also helping Reagan work on her paper. 
  • Soon the party guests started arriving-I am not too sure how many girls are here. I know that the youngest was 5-Maia got to come for a little bit. She was a bit bummed that Reagan didn't have any party games. 
  • The girls are currently outside playing gaga ball-it is almost 11 so I will have to call them in a few minutes. Now also my other children are going stir crazy since we asked them to stay inside-I don't think it is too much to ask for Reagan to have a bit of a time without every one else around, but apparently they do! 

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