October 30, 2020

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  • Whitman woke up this morning and soon was in our room asking about school. He knew that he didn't have a whole day worth, but he wanted to know what he had to do. I am not sure why, but he thought that he had to do his school before his ipad so he took his school upstairs to the boys' room where they were already watching the Mandalorian early this morning.
  • I didn't do much of anything this morning at all. It was perfectly nice. I really didn't have much on my to do list either. I probably say it every Friday, but not doing school on Friday makes me so, so very happy. Though I am sure that our schedule will change next year so I can't get used to this.
  • Robby took Graham and Whitman to run some errands with him this morning. They ended up at Grannymom's house for a little bit too. While they were gone, I pretty much just continuously answered the Campbell and Keaton's questions of how much longer will it be until we pick up the Craft gifts.
  • This spring we did sign Anderson up for a virtual race-the theme was Star Wars so once he had walked/ran a 5K he could receive a Star Wars themed medal. We finally did that today-I walked the 3.1 miles with him before I awarded him his medal. I really wanted for him to wear his race bib and cross through a streamer finish line, but I didn't think that he would go for that so I didn't ask him!
  • Robby and his crew came back just as I was leaving with the girls. We drove right to the Crafts house and picked their 3 little friends up. But when I left, their little brother cried because he wanted to go with so he could see Mr. Robby. That made me sad and Robby said that I should have taken the boy with me.
  • The girls played inside and outside and everywhere tonight. I just made spaghetti but it took quite a while since I was in no hurry. So we ate a bit later than planned, which was fine since that made the evening shorter.
  • I was actually just about asleep when the Wilson's came over. They had been over for a bit when I left with Shannon to pick up Reagan. She had been at a Halloween party tonight-by the time we picked her up and dropped off 3 other girls, we had been gone for over an hour and a half. It was a good thing that we had plenty to talk about on our trip!
  • Once we came home, the Wilson's left and we put most people to bed. The sleepover crew is still going strong. I am going to remind them that they need to start being quieter because other folks are sleeping in this house-including me!

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