October 18, 2020-Mountain View Weekend

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Again, I was sleeping very well this morning, until I had to wake up at 7 to go to the bathroom. Gracious, getting old isn't much fun at all! After having to crawl over Robby to get to the bathroom, I woke him up as well. Remember we switched bed spots so he didn't have to crawl over me on his bathroom trips. 

We laid there for a while before we started making a bit more noise. Whitman was the first one awake-and I know that because whenever he is the first awake, he comes to our room, and today he crawled into our bed. We chatted with him for a while-his little mind is just something else.

The kids then started stirring. Since everything was already put away outside, Robby and I worked on the inside. Whitman wanted to know if we were having a "fancy breakfast" or not. After a few questions, we did learn that a fancy breakfast is considered to be one that you have to wait for. He did not have to wait for breakfast this morning since I just plopped the poptarts and doughnuts onto the table for the kids to grab.

The girls and Whitman got on their clothes and headed to the amphitheater with Anderson and Graham as their chaperones. Reagan was not yet stirring quickly so they went without her. The girls had to practice for a few minutes. When I showed up with Reagan, the show began.

I am not sure if I talked about the amphitheater enough but it is just stunning. A natural spring, flowing stream, stone bridge, shallow stream through the woods-it is gorgeous. Whitman began the show by telling the instructions-no flash photography, no bikes (that was aimed at the boys). Then the real show started-the girls sang their choir song and even had choreography. 

When their show was over, Whitman sang a song for all of us to enjoy. He made his up in real time so he was convinced that his act was better than the girls. We finished in time to go back to the camper for a few more minutes while Robby cleaned out the tanks.

When we were about ready to pull out, the little girls and Graham walked to the playground to wait on us. We wanted to hook up the trailer somewhere other than the rv park. There were a few reasons-one the ground wasn't level or straight plus we didn't really want an audience! Ha! 

We drove the block or two to the park to hook up. Robby turned the rig around, and we loaded up. We did learn a few things-we probably should google maps-ed it or I should have driven the route in the van first to double check things (he turned around which included lots of backing up and even straightening the trailer once while we could have just continued and made a block without turning around) It all worked out well, and that is why he is practicing with the car now.

The ride home was uneventful! It didn't seem like the curvy road took anytime at all. I did wait until we were back on straight roads before getting up to make lunches for everyone. Making lunches always passes the time quickly in the car-it took even longer to make lunches for 10 folks. The camper does make things easier except there are lots more choices for lunch which makes things more complicated. 

Once we came home, I was home for about 5 minutes before I left with Reagan for her soccer game. Casey came and picked up his girls and brought Gabriel to see Robby. The boys helped Robby unload without even being asked. The girls then joined in on the work. By the time that Reagan and I came home, the camper was empties and just waiting on a deep clean.

Now let's talk about the game. On the way Reagan wondered if her running would help her. It must have because she was hauling today. That girl has so improved. Now, she is not the star of her team, but she is pretty good at defense. Her team is missing their scorer from last year, so they didn't win today, but Reagan worked hard, and I do believe that she had fun. Her face was bright red and her hair was completely wet on our walk back to the car-I guess I can say that she got in a bit of exercise too!

We were then home for a little bit before we loaded up for the Wilsons' house. They pulled out their leftovers, and we brought the few leftovers that we had and made a meal of it. Not many folks houses can you go over to and eat their leftovers. 

We stayed long enough that I was about to fall asleep on their couch. When we came home, the kids all needed showers. They ran through showers as I worked on dishes and joined Robby folding laundry. Soon it was bedtime for the people-I didn't get around to making my to-do list for tomorrow so hopefully I can manage and not forget too many things!

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