October 29, 2020

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  • We did our work together today, and everyone went to town working on their school work. I think that pretty much everyone was finished by 11:30 so that was nice. Now, most people did save some work for tomorrow which is perfectly fine since we don't have school tomorrow. 
  • Reagan will be doing plenty of school tomorrow though because I believe that she has an essay tomorrow about a book that she hasn't started reading yet-good times. Plus she has been falling dreadfully behind in Spanish. Part of that is because their site wouldn't let us log on for a little bit.
  • Around noon, I left with Reagan to drop her off at her class. While she was there, I did some speed shopping-even went to two stores one of those being Kroger. I was able to find a few things we needed at the store though I have now fallen in Robby's footsteps and find myself checking the Walmart app to compare prices. 
  • I picked up Reagan and headed home where there isn't too much to day. I am possibly a bit stir crazy right now-I don't have any big projects and none of my house chores I really want to do at all! Ha! Robby did work on cleaning our shower today and I cleaned most of the other ones as well. But other than that, who wants to do any chores?
  • I guess things have slowed down a bit around here-everyone seems to be a bit stir crazy. Robby even mentioned tonight that he missed the Third Realm days. I am not really sure how to keep everyone busy without them spending all day on their devices. 
  • For supper, we had our Trader Joe's specialty-rice, orange chicken and potstickers. It was all super good, but the kids have just now decided that they needed a snack. Well, Whitman is just on his first popsicle but has asked me about 10 times since supper if he could have one. He is certainly a popsicle addict! 

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