October 17, 2020-Mountain View Weekend

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My morning started a bit early-earlier than I had expected. I thought that the sleep over girls would be a bit tired from staying up so late. I was wrong. At 6:40, I could hear them giggling. That was fine though since it wasn't crazy early. I had my alarm set for 7:30, so it wasn't too much earlier-still, I would have liked a bit more sleep.

I went to town while I was waiting on Robby to come this morning to make breakfast for Keaton's birthday party crew-I folded the front window cover, straightened up inside, made the pancake batter, made orange juice, and took down the lights. 

Robby showed up, and the girls started squealing-I guess that they were hungry It was kind of hard to keep the quiet-ish this morning. We made our allergy free pancakes which were surprisingly delicious along with sausage which was a hit.

After breakfast, I helped pick up some before taking the girls on another walk. When we returned, it was time to climb in the car and head back home. We dropped of Charlotte on the way home. Then Lily and Rylee's mom was there soon to pick them up. That just left us Sophia and Anna who stayed with us for the weekend. 

I put things away and loaded different things in the camper. Then there was the inside to do a bit of straightening too-sheets, laundry and dishes of course. By 1ish, we were loading the car and getting ready to go. It took until about 1:45 for us to finally pull out of the driveway.

We zoomed on up to Mountain View without any problems. The kids watched some a movie on the way up. Gracious, the road is curvier then going to Branson-Sophia felt a bit car sick but after some candy, cold air and staring out the front window she soon felt better. 

Actually, my foot was sore from the ride-I kept trying to brake a bit more for Robby. He did a perfect job hauling the car on the those windy roads, but I guess I thought he needed a bit more help from my side of the car. There is probably a dent from me braking for 30 miles.

We drove right to the campground-hard to miss. Though you might could say that it is easy to miss. This is a small place-which we knew. What we didn't know is that you are crammed in here. We thought that sites right along the beach would have been tight, those were nothing compared to this. Ha! 

Thankfully, they are spreading us out because of covid. So our tent, chairs and car are all in the next site. We know that state parks spoil you with the room that you have. The folks are nice here so that makes up for the tightness.

After unloading and getting set up, we all took a walk. The kids had already been exploring-it is nice to have Reagan here who is able to take everyone on a walk. The boys had their bikes and zoomed off-until they saw a no bike sign in the park. 

Nearby, there is a stone amphitheater which is ancient but so pretty. The leaves are not yet at their peak, but man, it was a pretty place. Like that is the place that people probably go to when they have a photographer take their family portraits. 

We walked and walked and walked some more until we found a playground. The kids played until it was almost dark-we then hurried back to the camper to start on our spaghetti. It didn't take long at all to make it. Our fire was a dud tonight, but that was fine because we were too cold to stay outside longer than we had too.

Now, we did enjoy using Robby's new griddle tonight-we "griddled" pound cake with grilled peaches and blue berries on top. Some of the kids put chocolate syrup and whip cream on theirs. It was absolutely delicious. Even Robby enjoyed some of the grilled fruit. 

I love trying new things and learning how to do new things-for the Dennie's that is certainly what we have done this year-I should make a list of all of the things that we have learned-how use different types of saws, how to tow a car....well, Robby has learned that one. My list should have-how to get the straps ready so Robby can tighten them when towing a car, how to shove meals for 3-5 days into a tiny dorm fridge, how to paint and not hate it the whole time (I have done my share of painting this year-bedroom, trim, doors, shed, shutters, posts, etc.)

By the time we finished our dessert, Robby was chilly and we hurried to move our party inside. It took a while to straighten up outside, but soon the kids started rotating through the showers. We did watch the end of an Indiana Jones movie-I do find it funny that I have seen one part of this movie at least two times and haven't seen any other Indiana movies.

We watched that movie until it was well past bedtime. It wasn't crazy late when the kids all went to bed-around 10:30. Then I have played and worked on the blog for about an hour. Now, I am going to head to the shower. 

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