November 10, 2020

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  • Thankfully, this day was a bit more normal than yesterday. There were no surprise dentist appointments which is always a good thing. Though we are working very hard on Whitman wiggling his non-wiggly tooth so that maybe, just maybe it will be out by tooth pulling day.
  • We did our school work this morning without too much drama. The boys were a bit chatty-I moved them in the room with me because then they were a bit chatty in the room that I was in. Ha! My punishment idea for them (moving them) just became a punishment for me.
  • I took Reagan to school-she did drive on the way there and did just fine. Then I ran to one store to pick up a Christmas present before hitting up the library for some books. I couldn't wait to get home so I could request more books-it is time to get started on Christmas books.
  • I read a few books to Whitman this afternoon after we worked on his Bible study. Our Community Bible Study starts daily lessons in second grade. Last year, Keaton didn't have a problem knocking hers out everyday. This year, I wasn't so sure that Whit could do it, so we have been doing it together each and every day so far this year. Keaton has joined us since they are working on the same level. It has been a lot of work!
  • Robby had already done quite a bit of cleaning in the camper already, but I did join in time to work on a bit of it. It is ready to go again-well, almost. I am washing some sheets plus I need to restock my paper products. When we go on a trip, I have enough dishes (plastic and paper) in the camper to feed the entire campsite on. I think that I might be a hoarder of dishes! I guess I seem to hoard a lot of things-lists, attics, children....
  • Robby and I ran to Walmart to pick up an order-nothing was too exciting except for one Christmas present. I am slowly marking of the grandma Christmas present lists. My goal is to be over half way finished with everything by Thanksgiving. I know there is no way that is going to happen, but it is good to have goals.
  • For supper there was lasagna-it was "family size" or so the box said. Ha! It wasn't Dennie family size for sure. Robby had a bbq sandwich, and I had chips and salsa to supplement the sauce from the bottom of the pan which was my portion. 
  • After supper, the kids had showers while I watched a Hallmark movie. According to my phone, I have over 500 left to watch before Christmas!

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