November 9, 2020

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  • This day didn't turn out exactly like I had planned. I thought that we were going to have our normal Monday morning routine but that didn't really happen. All 6 kids had dentist appointments scheduled for the week before Christmas, and since there might be a chance that we will be gone that week, I decided to call and change their appointments.
  • Of course, it is a wee bit difficult to reschedule 6 kids appointments so I was determined to take what I could get. I wasn't expecting her to say that she could see them all today. Four kids this morning at 10 and two more this afternoon at 2. 
  • That meant that our morning plans were changed-we didn't do our morning reading and instead went right to work. We had about an hour before we had to go so we zoomed through as much as we could.
  • When I did arrive at the dentist with the kids, I had about 40 pounds of books with me. We were able to work through most things only leaving a few things to finish up at home. Keaton was even able to finish all of her spelling for the week before my crew left.
  • That bunch had one braces referral (Graham-his teeth are pretty crowded) along with one tooth extraction (Whitman-a baby tooth that has not come out that is causing a permanent tooth to be messed up.)
  • Back at home, we went to town finishing school and the kids worked on their chores. Not too much longer before Robby left with Reagan and Anderson for their appointments. That left with one cavity (Reagan-just a small one) and one child who probably won't need braces (Anderson!)
  • The afternoon seemed to drag on since I had crossed off everything on my list fairly early. I probably should have made a longer to-do list for myself.
  • I did hang out with Robby in the camper until it was time for me to heat up supper. We had leftover BBQ tonight along with some mac and cheese-the meal was a hit with the crew. After we ate, I worked on my tomorrow's list until excitement started happening outside. 
  • Robby, again, saw his possum friend. This time the boys heard the commotion and came running. We had more bb guns aimed at the possum than it had legs. It took about a good 10 minutes before the thing finally jumped out of the tree and started running. And when it did, Robby and Graham took off running too-I may or may not have been squealing the entire time.
  • After the excitement, I watched the rest of my Christmas movie while working on the blog. The next planned activity is possibly a game. 

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