November 2, 2020

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  • I didn't really have a premonition last night, but I did think "hmm, Whitman hasn't thrown up in a while." I am not sure why I thought that or how I could have not thought that, but guess what? At 5 this morning, Graham was by our bed telling me that Whitman was sick upstairs. 
  • I hurried upstairs to find Whitman standing by the toilet-with a bit of a confused look on his face as to why his brother told him to stand there. There were also 2 messes for me to clean up. Robby relocated Whitman to our room, and I went to town upstairs. 
  • I had to super scrub the carpet with the lights on for a while so I am not too sure if the big boys ever went back to sleep. It took a while for Whitman to go back to sleep as well in our room. I did eventually go to sleep but I kept dreaming that I had fever and they wouldn't let me in Disney World. I certainly hope that is a not a premonition of anything though.
  • Whitman woke up around 8 and asked for milk. We don't have any, and I probably wouldn't have given him any. However, when I did walk by him around 8:30, I saw that he had already eaten a pop tart so I guess his stomach wasn't bothering him at all. That was good, and he seemed fine all day. He did tell his brothers that he thought he ate too much candy-though he isn't really one to eat a lot of candy.
  • We did our work together this morning and read about the Virginia plan. I have really learned more about history and science and all other school things in the last few years-probably I have learned more since I have been homeschooling the kids than when I was in school myself.
  • Anyway, everyone moved fairly swiftly today. Well, I did work with Reagan until almost 2. She was working on a essay, has hard math right now and is studying for a science test. It is all a bit overwhelming to me-though I probably wouldn't have waited until the last minute.
  • Around 3, I took the boys to church for their discipleship group. They always come out like they have had a great time. They were in face in good moods when we went shoe shopping. Anderson is not a shopper at all and offered multiple times to go and start the car. We did find shoes that they both liked and sizes that worked-so I sent those to Robby who was at home ready to find equivalents at any other cheaper place. It worked our perfectly, and we saved about 50 bucks. 
  • Once at home, I played a game with most everyone before I pulled out all of the leftovers. What we didn't eat, I threw away since they were mostly past their date. Our fridge had gotten a bit crazy and is not looking a bit better. Everyone found something that they wanted for supper so we ate before we vegged out for the evening.
  • Before we squeezed in a Hallmark movie tonight, we did spend some time trying to shoot a possum. The thing was behind the trash can and scurried to towards the smoke shack when Robby went to take the trash out. Now if that thing would have appeared at 5 this morning when I took a bag of messy trash from Whitman to the trash can, I would have died. Anywho, we shot at that possum with three different bb guns and eventually almost had to prod it so it would move in. It was quite the adventure.

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