November 7, 2020-Daisy State Park

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We slept an hour later this morning than yesterday morning, so that was absolutely wonderful. When we did start stirring, Robby asked Anderson what he wanted for breakfast and Anderson suggested bacon. So we pulled out our bacon and pancakes and went to town on breakfast making.

I had toast for my breakfast along with some of Jennifer's strawberry jelly. Again, I tell you anything cooked and eaten outside just tastes better. We started picking a few things up after breakfast. We had originally thought that check out was around 10 but found out it was indeed at 3. That gave us plenty of time to slowly clean and put everything away.

Some of the kids went on a walk while we did some of that packing. Then we all headed out. The boys on their bikes, and the rest of us behind them. There was a 3/4 of a mile trail that we mosied along. There was a geocache on the way which Andrew found with minimal clues.

The trail took us by the lake again. After the trail, quite a few folks walked to one of the campground loops that they are not currently using because of winter. It was the most beautiful spots-we even wrote down which sites we went to come back to. 

On the way back, we did a little hiking through the woods to make it back quicker to our campsite. This involved walking down into a valley and then having to climb back up to the top. We did walk right to our camper so that was perfectly nice.

The kids went back to the playground for a little bit while we unhooked, put the slides in and did the last few things. It isn't all that much work, but it is still a bit of work. Campbell and Keaton rode home with the Fergusons. The ride home seemed fairly quick because soon we were getting gas and dropping off Harrison.

Once we came home, I hurried to pick up the girls while Robby and everyone else worked on the camper. He did let them quit before I probably would have, but it all got done in the end. The wash has its third load in it which probably needs to be moved to the dryer. Maybe later!

Robby and I worked on the camper until it was dark. We haven't cleaned it yet, but we did get everything out. It is clean enough that we could pull out tomorrow if anyone would like to join us!

For supper tonight, we have lots of our leftovers. Most folks had nachos-chicken or bbq. Robby made himself some quesadillas-if he had the big blackstone that he wants, he probably would have made them outside. After we made our supper, we settled in to watch the Hogs game. As I often do, I watched the first half of the game and dozed through the second half!

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