November 5, 2020-Daisy State Park

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Once again I woke up earlier than I expected this morning. I ran through the house getting things ready for the day. The boys were all awake this morning, but the girls were still sleeping soundly. Some days lately Campbell has gone down to get her ipad, then cuddles back up in her bed until it is time for everyone to wake up, but today was not one of those days.

We did our work together, and then the kids went off to work. I didn't really see Reagan until much later in the day since she was studying hard for her science test. I was upstairs making beds, and she asked me to quiz her with her flashcards. She knew them all without any problem so I am sure that she did just fine on her test.

Campbell and Anderson took the longest today, and they both even saved a little bit for this weekend. It wasn't much, but enough to save especially since I have already pulled out their next batch of school. Campbell and Keaton left with Sara around 11:45. They also dropped Reagan off at Wildwood before exploring their hiking trails while Reagan and Noah were finishing their last class.

I have been wanting to go to Wildwood and walk around ever since the trees started changing. The girls said that they definitely want to go back sometime so hopefully we can soon. While they were gone, Robby and I kicked it up into high gear. Just a few minutes after they arrived home, we backed out the camper and headed South.

Our first stop was to pick up Harrison. We had originally planned for me to drive the van so I could leave a bit early with Reagan Saturday morning to get her to her soccer game. We found out this morning that it had been cancelled so that just changed all of our plans. Instead of me driving the van or even pulling it, we just came without a car at all.

Then we stopped for gas so getting out of town took a few minutes, but we were glad that we still made it to Daisy State Park before it was dark. We found our spot and backed in (just 2 tries) and were even able to unpack a little bit before it was dark. 

The Ferguson's spot is right next to ours, and since we are on a bit of hill, we set up camp closer to their camp site. It worked out perfectly. While the kids were off riding bikes, Robby and I unpacked everything and soon were sitting enjoying the fire.

There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire, and we did a lot of that tonight. Robby griddled us up some chicken quesadillas along with refried beans and cheese dip. He made some for me with tomatoes which were delicious. We eat quesadillas quite a bit at home, but just making them outside makes them taste so much better. 

After we cleaned up some, Robby and Campbell walked to the bathhouse to check it out. Even though it was dark, the kids would still take off on their bikes occasionally. We waited a while for the Fergusons, who were stuck some in traffic. 

They arrived and soon we were making s'mores around the campfire. We ending up sitting around the campfire chatting until after 11. It wasn't nearly as chilly tonight as it was when we were in Mountain View. It is still a bit cool so I will probably need my heavier sweatshirt tomorrow  night. Since we stayed up so late, I think that the kids were all tired because when we did come inside, they started working on their beds. 

It didn't take long for everyone to get in bed. It is after 12 now and folks are pretty quiet. I would bet that they aren't all asleep, but hopefully everyone will sleep for a bit. Breakfast is going to be later tomorrow so there is no need to wake up early.  

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