November 20, 2020

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  • I so love our no school Fridays around here.  I didn't sleep too late, but when I did start stirring I knew that I had to get working on my list. Of course, I do wish that I could figure it out where we could have no laundry and no dishes Fridays too, but I can't make that work just yet.
  • After marking a few things off, I did run to the camper to make our bed. I will say that it was a wee bit chilly in that thing. We will have to definitely crank the heat up or I will have to dress a lot warmer on our next trip. 
  • Sooner than I was expecting, the Wilson's wrote saying that there were headed our way. I threw on some clothes, and we headed out. We headed to McClards for a bbq sandwich and a tamale spread. I do think that a tamale spread is one of our favorites. Now, I will say that after eating some of one today, I won't have to eat one for a while-but they are a good treat!
  • Afterwards, we walked through a Harbor Freight store. I had never been to one before-and I sure didn't find anything that I had to have. Now, Robby did find one things. The next stop was Sams. Shannon filled her cart while I did buy a shirt for myself. 
  • Then it was time to go to Fat Bottom Girls cupcakes in Hot Springs. Now, we drove right to it-I did see the sign and mentioned a few times that it said Fat Bottom Girls Pupcakes, but no one seemed to care. We walked into the little place, and there wasn't a cupcake anywhere. It had turned into a doggy gift store. Robby finally had to ask about the cupcakes. The store had moved, but gracious me we couldn't get out of the store quick enough before we burst out laughing.
  • I guess after going to the Pupcake store, the cupcake store lost some of its charm plus we think that the cupcakes a become smaller than in the past. Now, they were certainly delicious, but I'm still not convinced that those cupcakes weren't for dogs! 
  • From there, we did head straight home. The kids did just find while we were gone and didn't destroy the house. I picked up some this afternoon and even had time to sand my table that I plan on painting tomorrow-or maybe some day soon.
  • We found things to heat up for our suppers. Then Reagan took her biology test that she missed on Thursday. She breezed right through it-well, I guess she did. She seemed to know all of the answers anyway-they may not be right though. I am sure that they are however.
  • I settled in to watch a Christmas movie while the boys were having a nerf gun battle in the next room. After my movie and ice cream were finally finished, it was time to send these kiddos to bed!

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