November 14, 2020

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  • I didn't sleep great last night because I was worried about not waking up this morning. I had set my alarm but every so often, I don't set my alarm correctly on the charger so my phone is almost dead by the next morning. Well, I did wake up on time, but I sure didn't charge my phone correctly so I had to try to charge it all morning quickly.
  • I had just gotten out of the shower when Campbell walked in the bathroom. She had set her alarm and woke up by herself. That was wonderful, and not waking her up gave me time to quietly empty the dishwasher and fold some clothes.
  • Campbell and I were at Children's before 7. One good thing about today's early morning trip was that there was no traffic to deal with. I am always so thankful that we were just there by choice and not out of necessity. Campbell had the last part of a nutrition center visit today.
  • The visit required her to eat their supper last night (corn and mac and cheese-she had choices), plus wear a fit bit type watch to bed. This morning she had to drink a shake which gracious she acted like it tasted like vomit. And that is what I thought she was going to do! Last time she had to drink one, it tasted just like a slim fast. 
  • After drinking her shake, she was in the MRI machine for about an hour. During this time, I was back in a waiting room. She said that it was long and loud, but she soon forgot about that when she remembered the hundred bucks she will be getting along with convincing me to get her a ChickFilA milkshake on the way home.
  • We also ran to Hobby Lobby and then to Jason's house to pick up a table of my grandpas. I think that I have a place to put it, but I definitely know what color I want to paint it-well, maybe. I had hoped to get it painted and in place by the time the Christmas decorations go up, but I have put that on the back burner though and just plan to have it painted by the time the Christmas decorations come down.
  • Once we made it home, Robby and I started on the leaves. After one trip to the bottom hauling a tarp full of leaves, I went to get the kids to come and help. With them hauling the leaves and helping rack, we were done in an hour. Well, more accurately, we quit within an hour. There are more leaves in my yard than there are leaves in the amazon rainforest. We did make a big different, plus the mowing that Robby did even later helped quite a bit. 
  • Around 2, I headed out with Reagan to do some shopping. She found a sweater at Goodwill which was pretty cute. Then we ran to Academy-I am looking for some shoes. I didn't find any, but we did find one pretty for me and one Christmas present for Grannymom. Next was Sams for cheese dip and we found another present for Grannymom. 
  • Since our car was getting full, we dropped some of those presents off on the way home. Reagan just had to have a taco for the ride home, we also grabbed that before we left the parking lot of Walmart. Somehow when I made it back home, I ended up raking one more pile of leaves as Robby was working. I then snuck inside to do some house work before a quick nap before the Hogs came on.
  • Campbell made supper-frozen pizza and Keaton had made dessert earlier in the day-peanut butter cookies. Plus we had our cheese dip from Sams so we had quite a feast during the Hog game.
  • Unfortunately, our feast didn't help the Hogs, but it sure did help us tolerate the loss! After the game, the kids migrated through showers before it was (well, I probably should say-will be) bedtime!

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