November 29, 2020

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  • At 8:30 this morning, I went upstairs to wake up the kids. The only one that was awake was Anderson, and he had not been awake too very long at all. Those babies were exhausted-or maybe those babies stayed up way too late last night. 
  • Either way, I tried to wake them up. Came back later and tried again and then told Robby that I was headed back up there. He did the final wake up call and did seem to get everyone stirring. Some of them should have been wise to take a nap this afternoon like Robby and me,
  • We did church-Covid has made church kind of sad. The service isn't sad, but we walk in and set down, then we walk out and hardly talk to anyone. Covid has taken away the fellowship of church for sure. 
  • On the way home, we stopped at Walgreens so I could pick up something for my dad. I hoped out of the car and went in. I did notice the pharmacy clerk kind of looking at me. I figured that she was trying to decide if I needed help. I found what I needed and walked the cash register.
  • On the way, I heard the recorded message thanking Walgreens customers for wearing masks-whoops! I didn't have my mask. I had just gotten out of the car and forgot all about it. I was mortified. I am sure that my cheeks turned bright red as I waited 20 feet from the other person in line. 
  • When I got up to the front, I apologized profusely but I was probably standing so far from the check out lady that she couldn't hear me. I laid my item and my money on the counter and stepped back as far as I could. I really think I am losing my patience with covid.
  • At home, we pulled out the leftovers from the fridge for the kids. Now we only had 3 lunch takers-it was a bit early, but we did remind them that the kitchen would be closed until snack later in the day. We still made a dent in the leftovers, but I sure don't think that they will ever end.
  • Then Robby and I climbed into the bed for our nap! It was a perfect rainy day-except our nap started about the time we normally get out of church so we had plenty of time to sleep. I did eventually get up and be a bit productive.
  • I worked on some laundry, school for tomorrow, read some and painted a bit of a table. Then it was time to head to the WIlson's house for our Sunday supper. Shannon had her leftovers out and we worked on them. We stayed until 10 and headed home to put the people in bed. I had grand plans of watching a Hallmark movie tonight but we shall see since it is already late. Plus I wanted to read some. Plus I have my ornament blog to work on...too much to do and so little time.

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