November 8, 2020

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  • I swear that my clean laundry pile was waist high this morning when I started getting ready. I had to wake everyone but Graham and Anderson up. They were the only ones quickly stirring this morning. The rest of the crew was moving slowly!
  • Poor Whitman-well, really Whitman and Reagan. They never seem to know where we are going and what exactly is going on. Now, Reagan does have the days of the week down so she knew that we were headed to church. Whitman, however, wasn't too sure at all where we were headed except that he had to put on real clothes. When we pulled up at church, he asked, "Is it big church day?"
  • Sunday school today and then I headed to work in the nursery for worship care. They didn't have anyone show up for my room so I headed to church a bit late, but I was super glad that I was able to make it.
  • After church, we hurried out so we could make it to Reagan's soccer game. We grabbed food at Arby's and ate on the way as some of the kids changed their clothes on the way. They played their last game at Burns Park. It ended in a tie, and once again Reagan did really great. I think that she had a super fun time playing this year. 
  • I do enjoy watching her play soccer, but I also am pretty glad that this soccer season is over. It is time to move on to other things-not sure exactly what those are right now-possibly watching Hallmark movies.
  • We then hurried home so Reagan could have a shower. While she was doing that, the rest of us worked on unloading the car and putting up those massive loads of laundry. The house was pretty straight by the time that we left for Grannymom's house to eat our delayed Sunday lunch.
  • We had quiche and baked potatoes for supper which were delicious. I think quite a few of my kiddos love quiche, and I am a sucker for baked potatoes. We ate and then watched Graham watch some of the Cowboys game. He was a bit excited during the game, but it didn't turn out the way that he wanted.
  • We ended up the evening at the Wilson's house. The kids played outside the entire time so that meant that showers were on the evening agenda for all Dennies one we came home. 

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