November 6, 2020-Daisy State Park

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For some reason my silly boys were chatting away at 7 this morning. I will say that Robby has added some insulation to our windows which causes them to be perfectly black (it is removable). It is dark, dark in our bed area, but up front the sun light still streams through so that is probably the reason that the boys woke up so early.

We still lounged around for a good while this morning and didn't really stir until about 9:30. For breakfast, we made bacon, pancakes and hash browns while the Fergusons cooked sausage and eggs. It was a perfect breakfast by the campfire. 

We weren't finished cleaning up from breakfast by nearly noon-camping is all about eating! Once we finished cleaning up, we headed out for a little walk. Andrew had downloaded a geocaching app. There were 3 boxes hidden in the park area that we searched for.

Anderson, Graham and Harrison took off on their bikes to look for one. They found one as we came near it. Then we explored one of the boat ramp areas while the boys rode to find more. Next up was a bit of playing on the playground. 

Most everyone played a game of two hand touch football after they played on their playground. Once the game was over, we walked to find the next geocache. The big boys had already been nearby and couldn't find it. We then read the clue and searched and searched and searched. 

Finally Andrew found it just by accident. That is what really made that activity fun because the next one, Ryan found before anyone else. There was some skill to it, but mostly just solving the riddle and being a bit lucky. The kids really enjoyed it, and I am sure that we will do it sometime again as well.

I did go into the visitor's center so I could get my Arkansas State Parks passport book stamped. The lady probably thought that I was crazy since I was giddy with excitement. We now have 49 more Arkansas state parks to discover. 

I believe that we then headed back to the campsite next. After a bit of snacking we made lunch. We were just going to have sandwiches, but Robby started grilling our sandwiches on the Blackstone.  I actually had peanut butter on a tortilla which he grilled, and I could eat one every single day. 

This afternoon there were more walks and more geocaching. We even walked the end of this camping loop a bit after sunset and took some gorgeous pictures. We walked and walked today, and really, it couldn't have been any better of a day.

For supper tonight we had bbq sandwiches, chips, mac and cheese and potato salad. It was all perfect and then when we finished our meal, we eventually pulled out more s'mores. The fire was warmer tonight plus I was dressed better for the coolness. 

Last night we were out late, but tonight we were all cozied up in our beds by 10:30. Hopefully, we can all get quite a bit of sleep tonight.

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