November 4, 2020

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  • After staying up late last night, I was certainly surprised when I woke up before my alarm rang this morning. I had not planned on reading too many things this morning since the littles had their Bible study zooms, but we were able to read a few more things than I had planned so that was a bonus.
  • The kids worked really well on their school today-now tomorrow I will fuss because they saved their hardest things for then, but today we moved things along fairly quickly.
  • Now later in the day, I did discover someone hadn't been doing all of their school work-they must think I am stupid. I did make it clear to that child that things will be much different next week-I already have a plan and they won't like it at all!
  • Reagan has her science test tomorrow so she is all about studying today. Gracious though she sure does have a lot to memorize this time. I am not sure that we are actually learning anything, but just memorizing to spit it back out on the test paper (that is how I survived college and grad school though.)
  • Robby was just about to leave to take the boys to help packing shoeboxes, but as soon as they were about to leave someone text and said that folks were about done. They were already in the car so I am sure they were a bit bummed!...
  • Which might have caused the next problem. Folks were happily playing a game of football when Campbell came to get me saying that they boys were fighting. They weren't actively punching when I made it outside, but they were both furious. I quickly handled that situation-and I not very happily handled that situation. I might have checked into rehoming them!
  • Most of my afternoon was spent packing and pulling out school for next week. I am not too sure why getting a few papers out each week bothers me so much, but that is my least favorite chore. It doesn't take long at all to finish, but I drag it out so it takes almost the whole afternoon.
  • Soon we were heading off for church tonight. We had a few more kids, but tonight we played outside and it was just chilly to me! After church, we came home to supper cooked by Robby. Everyone ate and even had a popsicle before some down time before bed.

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