November 19, 2020

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  • I am not sure what took so long on our school work today, but I was still working on school work around 1 today.  Whitman was the slowest today, so by the end I did cave letting him skip things and work on some things tomorrow. After so long, I just can't take anymore school.
  • Whitman, Graham and Campbell spent a good deal of time this afternoon using Whitman's magnifying glass to light leaves on fire. Whitman was so happy when he found that magnifying glass today and couldn't wait to do this. Thankfully, they didn't start a grass fire!
  • My beans that I made yesterday were put back on the crock pot today to simmer some more-I guess pretty much anything tastes good after it cooks for 24 hours! Ha! They did make the house smell good all day long today.
  • Robby and I ran a few errands today-including finding me a Christmas present or two! I am slowly marking those Christmas presents off. Well, some of them anyway. Hopefully, I will be nearing finishing by Thanksgiving or at least the week afterwards.
  • I pulled out school for the week after Thanksgiving tonight as supper was cooking. We had tacos and all of the fixings-including those ever cooking beans. We have about half a crock pot full left to eat. 
  • Keaton had made brownies during the day for our supper so they were devoured. As we were eating, we mentioned that the Dollar General was open. It didn't take us anytime at all to clean the kitchen and head out with the Wilsons to the new Dollar General. 
  • Guess what we bought too? Toilet paper! Yep, do we need any? Nope. But heck if everyone else is buying toilet paper then we don't want to be left out at all. 

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