November 3, 2020

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  • I started our reading a bit later this morning, but then I was distracted with my phone so I ended reading a bit earlier so we didn't even get to our history and science. However, we did read some about the constitution today so that was fitting.
  • School went pretty well this morning-some days my kids just have it all together (other days we don't at all.) The big boys did leave fairly early with Robby to go and get their hair cut. Ugh-we are now paying for hair cuts for all three boys. I guess we have saved tons of money through the years cutting their hair. 
  • Speaking of hair, the big boys were not the only ones receiving hair cuts today. Robby cut his hair this morning, plus I chopped off a good 3 inches of Campbell's hair this afternoon. I think that I did a good job, but we will see the next time we go somewhere and she combs it again!
  • I took Reagan to school today-well, she actually drove to school and did a fine job. Then I ran back home for a few minutes before leaving with Robby, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to go and vote. Robby and I were the only ones in line to vote at our place today so we weren't there very long at all.
  • We did stop at Sonic on the way home-yes, that is not really on the way home, but it was a fun election day treat. Then I was only home for a little bit again before heading with Graham to pick up Reagan.
  • We stopped at Nonna's house on the way there to drop off a few things. Reagan seemed to have a good day at school and was fairly chatty on the way home. Soon I found Robby in the bonus room already watching the election results. I curled up on the couch and snoozed until the Wilson's came over.
  • We ate pizza and watched the election results which are still too close to call. Shannon and I did run to Kroger where no one else was out shopping. We bought some ice cream-in case we needed to celebrate or drown our sorrows. 
  • They stayed until 10 and then we quickly cleaned up the kitchen before letting the kids stay up for a bit. For the most part, the kids were interested in the election results tonight. I worked on my blog and tried to figure out if I could squeeze in a Hallmark movie late tonight! 

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