November 30, 2020

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  • Anderson was awake this morning on his ipad and Campbell was also awake working on her school work bright and early. But everyone else was sound asleep. I will admit that there is nothing better than sleeping in on a cold morning. However, I somehow woke up around 7 startled that it was too bright outside and worried that I had set my alarm for p.m. instead of a.m. I had not overslept and had indeed correctly set my alarm, but as I snoozed on I dreamed of having to take a science test where I didn't know the answers but Robby did. When I woke up from that, I just went ahead and got on up-I didn't need any more dreams like that.
  • School went well for a Monday morning after a break. Whitman had a lot of work to do today, but he eventually finished it all. Anderson helped him finish near lunch as Robby was cooking his daily grilled cheese sandwich. All of the kids will stop to help him or try to get him back on task during the day.
  • I was able to finish school, work on Keaton and Whitman's Bible study, and do some painting this afternoon before it was time for the dentist. Reagan had a tiny cavity and Whitman needed to have a baby tooth pulled because the permanent one was coming in behind it.
  • Reagan, of course, did just fine. Whitman, on the other hand, made me want to get in the car and drive away. It started when I overheard him asking the assistant, "if my tooth just falls out right now, will my mom still have to pay?" That was bad enough but then his normal hygienist walked by him and waved. Whitman leaned his head over and mouthed the words "help me" to her. 
  • He did just fine with the shot, but did not like the cotton that they made him put in his mouth at all. He is a clown at the dentist-so much so that I might just make Robby take him next time. And he has been in no pain at all so that is all good.
  • Reagan drove us to the dentist and drove us almost all the way home. We did stop at Wendys on Col. Glenn so I did let her eat her frosty instead of drive home. She is doing good driving and I signed her up for her driving test next Monday. It is probably a bit too soon, but we have to get it done since we are running out of time.
  • Campbell was finishing up making brownies when I came in. I worked on the computer some and even had did some more painting. Then I ran to Walgreens to pick up some medicine for my dad. He wasn't feeling great today, but hopefully the new meds and a new day will help. 
  • We pulled out all of the leftovers for supper again today. We had even less takers and more sandwich makers. By tomorrow though surely our leftovers will dwindle some!
  • Reagan had some school work that I helped her on before we cut into the brownies that Campbell had made for our snack. While I ate my brownies, I watched my first Hallmark movie of the evening!

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