November 25, 2020

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  • I slept longer than I wanted to this morning, but when I did wake up, I checked on Pops and then headed to the store. Before I could make it out of the house, Campbell and Keaton both stirred enough to want to go shopping with me.
  • Surprisingly, the store wasn't too crazy busy even though there weren't many cash register lanes open. We quickly did find a self check out and managed to buy our groceries. We needed a few little things for tonight and tomorrow. (Now, of course, after being home a few hours I realized a few more things that we needed. Thankfully, Jodee was here tonight and was headed to the store so she picked up my last minute things. My fingers are crossed that I won't think of anything else that I need.)
  • When I came home, I started to work on unloading our groceries and the dishwasher. Then I joined Robby working on the massive pile of laundry. Next up, was a bit of work together with the kids followed by doing a few science experiments from our science book.
  • After we finished, I had everyone clean the house. Now, sometimes I think folks do a really great job and others times not so much at all. Our thanksgiving meal has dwindled down to just 10, but it is Thanksgiving none the less and we shall celebrate and be thankful...and have a clean house. (Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and even though I am a bit bummed that our Thanksgiving is going to be way different, I am still excited about the day.)
  • Back to the house cleaning, I think when I assign things like "clean the bathroom sinks" folks just pick 3 of the 4 to do and hope that I don't catch the sink that wasn't done. Now when people are coming over, I do save the important jobs for me-like the potties. However, if you come over tomorrow and my potties aren't clean, then I am not the one who cleaned them-Whitman did. (I do love a clean house, but I am not really good at the whole cleaning thing. I would rather organize and throw things away then clean what I have.)
  • I had some downtime after cleaning which I spent loading up the camper for the next trip. Then a few of Reagan's people came over tonight to hang out. We made cheese dip and heated up some frozen pizzas for supper. 
  • This evening Keaton made her chocolate lasagna for tomorrow and Graham made ooey gooey, plus I gathered the supplies to make all of our other dishes. I also straightened up some of my tupperware so I could make plenty of to-go bags for our sickly guests. 
  • Once Reagan's friends left, I pretty much did nothing until was bedtime. It was too late to watch a hallmark movie so I will have to catch up another night.

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