November 28, 2020

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  • I tried to sneak out of bed this morning so I wouldn't wake Robby up. I did stir him though when I told him that I was leaving. I ran to Walmart and Pennys and was marking Christmas gifts off my list right and left. I enjoyed spending the money shopping-I especially enjoyed it when I was spending Nonna's money (buying gifts for her.)
  • When I came home, I worked on the laundry before making a shirt for Whitman. I am not too sure really what all I did do next. The next event was going to Grannymom's house with the little girls and Robby. 
  • After we left there, we went to Sams and Walmart. I found a gift for me, Campbell found a gift for her and Robby found a gift for him. We are just spending the money today! 
  • On the way home, Robby reminded me that I needed to take Reagan out to practice driving. So when we came home, I loaded up with her and Whitman so he could shop for his person. Graham also came along for the ride. 
  • Now Reagan does great driving until their are more cars around. I think that we have practiced this up and down Lawson road enough that she is a pro at that. And parking-bless, I couldn't get her to park anywhere near other cars. Now, in her defense-I don't park near other cars either if I can help it.
  • This next week starts driving school around here. She has to take her driving test by January 2 so we are quickly running out of days! I do know that she dose decent but we need lots of practice. 
  • We did our Walmart shopping and even quickly ran into Sams to buy something. While we were in Walmart, Whitman found 30 cents on the floor. As we walked to Sams, he put his money in the Salvation Army bucket. Later he told Robby that he donated his money to "Sams," 
  • We hurried home to get Graham back by the start of the ballgame. At halftime, we pulled things out of the fridge. We are going to have start offering a bonus to the kids if they eat something from the fridge. 
  • Our evening seemed to fly by with Robby and me watching youtube videos of rvers. Soon it was bedtime for the crew, but for some reason at 11:30 we could still hear those silly girls above our heads moving around.

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