November 12, 2020

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  • Wonderful Thursday! They have been my favorite day of the week for years and still are. School was fairly uneventful today which was wonderful. Whitman did convince me to let him do his math last. He told me that he would know it was the last thing that he had to do so he would hurry through it. Yep, he was still finishing math at 2-don't feel sorry for him since after lunch he would only do 2 math problems each time he changed his game on his ipad. 
  • I took Reagan to school around noon, and then ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Now, there were still plenty of things that were on sale that I didn't get-I bet we will get back by that grocery store tomorrow.
  • Robby and I had a funeral to go to this afternoon-Grannymom helped us by getting Reagan home, and Campbell even made cookies while we were gone. She had even cleaned up most of the kitchen which was a win for everyone. She had enough cookies that they were our dessert tonight for supper.
  • When I came home, I went to work with Keaton and Whitman on their Bible study and on Whitman's daily bike practice. I have decided that I would rather be teaching bike riding skills or how to count money than working on algebra or writing essays. I did my share of algebra work today-Anderson and Graham are both still in Algebra 1 (Anderson is just about finished and Graham just started) while Reagan has now started on Algebra 2. It sounds like Reagan has big plans for me to help with an essay tomorrow-oh good times!
  • Around 4:30, we ended up running to the Wilson's house to help Tony put up his Christmas lights. Of course it is almost dark by then, so around 6:30 they were finally finishing up-even having to use headlamps. 
  • We brought dinner over and had a pot of chili along with some hot dogs for our meal. We stayed late enough for a school night, but by the time we left, all of their roof lights were on-so it was indeed beginning to look a like Christmas.
  • Once home the kids had showers and I worked on my blog while I was all covered up in a blanket-it is just cold outside and in this house!

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