November 13, 2020

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  • Let's see since we didn't have school today, I slept in a good bit. I was still able to work on my laundry, dishes, Bible study with Keaton and Whitman and even counting some money with Whitman before it was time for the main event of the day.
  • Closet cleaning! I will say that I was much surprised at how well this even went. For started I had to wake up Campbell and Reagan-surprisingly, they both woke up in good moods...well, for a little while. I had talked up our cleaning project so everyone was mentally prepared. I had even laid in bed this morning reminding myself to take a before picture. And yep, I forget.
  • We started by taking everything out of their closet-everything. Then each of them rotated cleaning their each of their 2 shelves, organizing their 2 drawers and rehanging up all of their hanging clothes. You could not see the floor of their room while we were working-it was a disaster.
  • I had planned on this taking 2 hours and quite surprisingly, within two hours we had indeed finished. Well, we had almost finished when Reagan, who organizes like me-by throwing things away, started dumping bins from their bedroom for us to go through too. That didn't take too long at all, and I think that they are pleased with their clean closet. Hopefully it stays that way for a day or two.
  • Next, I had a few minutes to work with Whitman and his bike riding. He is determined to ride over the leaf bike track that they made a few days ago. He did better today and good thing that we practiced today because Robby went to town mowing the leaves up. 
  • After that, I had time to make Whitman lunch before Campbell and I headed out. She had a quick nutrition center visit today to collect her supper for tonight. Tomorrow she has a MRI at 8-we have to be there at 7. She is getting a hundred bucks for this-meanwhile, I am the one having to wake up at 6 on a Saturday morning and I get nothing!
  • I came home ready to clean so I quickly organized the pens on my desk, the hats and gloves and all of my hanging clothes before Shannon rescued me to come and pick up pizza for our supper. I rode with her, and then everyone met up at our house.
  • We all ate and then as the kids played outside, the grownups watched youtube videos about campers and griddling. Shannon did ask if I had an apple crisp in the freezer and by golly, I did and felt like Betty Crocker. 
  • We cooked that up and feasted on that and ice cream. We watched some more videos until Robby and Tony were about to fall sound asleep! My kids had to have showers before bed since they had an egg toss-why, well, I am just not real sure about most things anymore. 

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