November 24, 2020-Cane Creek State Park

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Oh, that camper sleeping is good. I didn't hear the ducks this morning, but Robby said that he did hear them. I guess they were a bit quieter without the gunshots chasing them. The kids were quiet this morning until Robby and I started stirring. 

Campbell was the first out the door. She was ready to ride her skateboard and the hover board around the loop. Keaton and Whitman were out next to join Campbell. They have been the bike riding crew this weekend. 

Last night, Robby was telling the kids about the day. He said that if they wanted they could stay at home while we ran to the bakery. Whitman was first to say that he wanted to stay home when we did that. Robby reminded him that he didn't really have that choice because he couldn't stay alone if the others all choose to come. Whitman quickly shot back that he had Reagan and that gave him a pretty good chance to stay back.

Indeed that was true. Reagan stayed back along with Anderson and Whitman while the rest of us headed to Country Village Bakery. Not much was happening at the village except for around the bakery. There was a ton of cars around it and about that many folks inside as well.

Keaton and Campbell both noticed the workers and many of the guests not wearing their masks. That wasn't much concern for us because we were busy naming all of the things that we wanted-peanut butter pie, honey butter, cinnamon rolls, some type of pull apart bread and doughnuts. If Robby would have stayed in the store a bit longer, he probably would have bought a few more things. 

As soon as we came back to the camper, we dug in. Most of the kids started off with doughnuts but pretty much everyone agreed that cinnamon rolls were delicious. They were actually really, really good. I had been planning on drinking some cider tonight, but I might just have cider and a cinnamon roll if I can finish this blog before bedtime!

We sat around just enjoying sitting around a little bit. It was nice. The big boys and Campbell went on a portion of the 16 mile bike ride. Some of them said that it was about 2 miles while others said that it was 4 miles. Either way, they had fun and were hot and sweaty when they came back.

Not too much longer after their return, we started loading up. We didn't have a ton of things out so loading up didn't take long. While Robby was dumping, we were even able to load the car. (When we came home, we actually timed ourselves unloading the car-4 minutes. And unhooking the trailer-3 minutes. Also we measured the whole rig-camper and car-it was massive, but Robby is napping so I don't remember the right numbers right now.)

Loading up the car didn't take long, but Robby flushed the tank out a few times so that did take longer than usual. We had been sitting still for a good while, but of course as soon as we pulled out the kids decided that they wanted lunch. 

Campbell made most of the people's lunches-she is so kind hearted like that and always willing to help. Seriously, that girl is one of my favorites! I did go back to help her since making lunches in a crazy moving vehicle is tough! 

It didn't take us long at all to get home. Once we arrived Robby and I gave the kids 30 minutes off before we asked them to start helping. Soon we had the camper emptied and Robby and I worked on cleaning it up. I have clean towels folded and ready to be returned along with a stack of napkins to refill. Then we will be ready for the next trip!

We ate our supper before everyone started on their showers. The kids then vegged out the rest of the evening while I caught up on my Hallmark movies. 

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