November 11, 2020

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  • Even though we started school on time this morning, we didn't have very long to read because Keaton and Whitman had their Bible study zoom at 9:15. And gracious, I really wanted for them to enjoy their zooms-Campbell too. However, over an hour seems to be just too long for them to be on there. I can't imagine kids doing it all day long.
  • Since Whitman was gone for so long on his zoom, that put him a bit behind on his school work today. We have Friday for him to catch up, but at least he did get most things finished today. Keaton has about 2 billion things to do each day and always seems to accomplish everything in about 45 minutes. Whitman is nothing at all like her! It is amazing how different people just are.
  • Around noon, Casey dropped off 3 of his kiddos so they could hang out while the rest of his family went to a funeral. Maia ran right off to find her buddy Reagan while Sophia and Keaton were thrilled to have some extra time together. And Gabriel couldn't wait to find his friend-Robby.
  • The kids all played outside for a good while. I eventually had to steal Gabriel away for a nap. I wanted him to sleep as long as he could, so I stayed right by him patting his bottom and back pretty much the whole time. Now, I may have closed my eyes for a few minutes as well!
  • When Gabriel did wake up, he asked for his daddy and then he asked for Robby. When the Craft crew left, I did the girls' hair and then went to the camper to straighten a few things. Afterwards, I looked at my watched and headed towards the shower.
  • After my leisurely shower, I came out of my bedroom to Reagan asking if we were going to leave. I looked at my watch and asked her what time it was. I guess my watch was about 15 minutes off. Good think I was already ready though.
  • We soon were in the car zooming to church. Church tonight was fun-the kids (Whitman, Keaton and Campbell) helped pack the shoeboxes for Christmas. I know they enjoyed that. Afterwards, we headed home to Robby who had supper ready or us. 
  • We ate our suppers and even ended the night with some ice cream before calling it an evening. 

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