November 16, 2020

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  • I think that this morning was Monday-it already fills like this week is a few days old. Actually, today has been a pretty great day. School went really well this morning. I thought that Whitman was flying through school, but he was still sitting by my side at 1:00 when I finished working with Reagan.
  • When I look at my fitbit during the day, I am sometimes surprised that it just says I have walked 800 steps or sometimes even less than that. It is because from 8:30 until after 1 I usually am sitting on the floor of my room only walking to the school room to change out my stack of books. I will say that we do seem to be a on a roll right now, and school things are going smoothly.
  • After I finished math with Reagan, I made Whitman's lunch, did some internet shopping and then worked on Bible study with Keaton and Whitman. Campbell even joined us today on her Bible study.
  • When all of this was finished, Whitman and I did a little bit of biking. That does make it sound like I was also biking-I was not. He did ride to the end of the long driveway and back only stopping 5 different times. Beating 5 stops will now be our goal-I am going to get that boy riding his bike plus I am going to get that tooth our before the dentist has to pull out (or at least I am going to try.)
  • I then took the boys to their discipleship group at church. While I waited on them, I ran to the library to pick up my Christmas books. Then I sat in the car doing Bible study until they came. We arrived home just as Robby and Keaton came home with a truck load of groceries and supper.
  • After unloading the groceries and making sweet potato fries in the air fryer, we dug into our Arby's supper. We were still cleaning the kitchen when the Wilson's invited us to Hobby Lobby. We couldn't turn down that kind of offer.
  • At Hobby Lobby we did find one pumpkin for 80 cents that I bought. I'm a big spender! Then we did find two signs for inside the camper-it still needs a bit of decoration. When we came home, everyone grabbed a cookie that Keaton had convinced Robby that he needed when they were shopping
  • I played a game with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. I did win 2 of the four rounds so I will celebrate with apple cider and a Hallmark movie tonight.

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