November 15, 2020

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  • Whitman was not too upset this morning when he realized that it was church day. A few years ago when he would find out that it was church day, he would lay in the floor as soon as we told him. I guess he is growing up. 
  • We headed to church this morning. I guess because of hunting season, there weren't too many folks there today-at least the kids seemed to be all out. I taught Sunday school today, and thankfully today's lesson came with lots of activities so we were busy the entire time.
  • Lunch today was at Nonna's house. She had Mexican casserole along with chocolate cake. I think today's casserole was the best yet-though I am a huge fan of her corn dip which we never seem to make here.
  • After eating, we had to hurry home since Keaton had a birthday party to go to. While she was there, Campbell, Robby and I headed to Raymar for a craft fair. There was lots to see there though I didn't buy anything. Robby did win something in the silent auction-12 bottles of bbq rub plus a gift card.
  • After this, we picked up Keaton and headed home for our belated Sunday afternoon nap. We snoozed for a little while before getting up to do a few things around the house. I pulled out some school, folded some clothes and even made a shirt. I will admit that after folding the shirt last night, I somehow lost it this evening. I had most everyone in the house looking for that silly shirt-Graham eventually found it in my clean laundry pile.
  • We then ran to the Wilson's house for some visiting. The kids played outside, and we even had a sneak preview of Tony's light show. We were kind of watching a game so when it was over, we did head home. The kids were soon in bed-I could hear the boys' giggling and chatting upstairs. Sometimes I do get frustrated that they are still up, but then again they have so much fun and I am so glad that have someone to share a room with. 

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