November 26, 2020-Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • I began my Thanksgiving day by running to Jason's house to pick up the pies and drinks that he had bought that he would not eat or drink. Then I ran home to work on the laundry and dishes-just like any other day.
  • I did turn on the parade, but I don't think that anyone cared! Eventually, Graham went into the living room and turned the tv to something else. I guess we haven't stressed the importance of the Macy's parade. Not that it is a big deal or anything, but I do vividly remember watching it growing up. It is just tradition to have it on as Thanksgiving prep is happening.
  • Campbell and Keaton made little turkey pretzels. Graham made corn casserole. Campbell made sausage cornbread. Reagan made roasted green beans. All of the kids worked together to make their annual fruit turkeys. And really that just left me with the rolls which Robby did. So I didn't really do anything, but for some reason I was in the kitchen working all morning long.
  • Whitman was very pleased this year because I had told him that he was in charge of the kids' fruit turkeys. After having him wash the blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, he told me that he thought being "in charge" meant that he could tell his brothers how he wanted to design their turkey. He was able to do that too, but still had to help me wash everything.
  • Soon our guests started arriving-not as many as years before. Les and his family were out since he had to work. My folks and Jason were out due to stupid covid. (My dad does seem to be doing better. My mom did test positive, and Jason is still waiting on his test results.)
  • We also had some surprise guests. Dana and her crew weren't going to get to come because they were possibly exposed, but they found out that they weren't actually exposed so we were certainly happy to see them.
  • Even though our group was smaller than before, I was still looking forward to Thanksgiving. I grew up with Thanksgiving, for the most part, being just like Sunday lunch with my grandparents. We certainly missed everyone who wasn't here, but it was still a pretty good Thanksgiving.
  • The food was plentiful. My favorites this year were the dressing, mac and cheese and sausage cornbread. And yes, I did sample all of the desserts. Surprisingly, I just really like pecan pie.
  • After eating the kids played outside. They spent quite a bit of time working on destroying the pumpkin. I thought that I had enough rubber bands to pop it, but apparently not. That was fine though because soon the boys were playing some sort of egg toss game with the pumpkin. 
  • After everyone left, I worked on the kitchen and then loaded up. I took a bag of food to my mom. Then she had a bag for me to take to the hospital for my dad. Then we delivered some food to Jason. Everyone was glad to see us-probably because of the food that we were delivering!
  • I did take a quick nap this evening, then we loaded up and went to the Heltz house for a bit to hang out. The kids enjoyed eating from Wes' popcorn bar that he set up. By the time that we left, there was indeed popcorn all over their house, but they all had a good time.
  • Back at home I worked on the dishes and soon it was bedtime for the crew. I did mark off one more gift today, but we didn't really buy too much. Maybe tomorrow we will get into the Christmas spirit around here.

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