November 27, 2020

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  • I was in no rush this morning to get out of bed. I knew that the Christmas tree setup was hanging over my head. After quite a bit of stalling, Robby did pull everything out of the attic. We have tons of attic space, but my Christmas stuff is not really that accessible. We have to move Anderson's desk to get in the attic and climb behind the water heater to get the things we need. That is fine though because we do just get in their once a year. Eventually, our Christmas things will probably go in another attic, but that will have to be when the extra kids clothing attic is empty.
  • Back to Christmas decorating-Robby handed the boxes off to me, and I handed the boxes off to the kids who carted them to the room that I told them to put things in. That actually worked very well, plus my ornaments are a bit more organized this year so that made things even easier.
  • The girls went to town putting up their Christmas tree. While they were doing that, I headed downstairs to work on the big tree. There was a bit of difficulty with the lights but Robby eventually got them to work without too much trouble. The trouble tree was the other tree in the living room. Robby worked for a good 30 minutes on the lights on that tree. 
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all helped me some on the big tree. I just love going through our ornaments, and I especially love hearing them reminisce about our past trips when they see the ornaments.
  • I then began working on the living room and kitchen decorations. I don't have as many Christmasy things as some, but I still have quite a bit that I don't use! I did spend a bit of time going through all of the things made by the kids-if it didn't have a name on the back, then I just threw it away. (Sorry, mom). I just can't keep it all. I did have to laugh because I have about 20 identical for the picture ornaments that the kids have made it CBS through the years.
  • I decided to not put up all of my Snow Village, but who knows I still might add a few more things if I can get a table painted and added to the living room. I just love looking at the snow village things. Right now I feel like I could probably leave up my Christmas stuff all year long-however, on December 25th at 9:30 a.m. all I can think about is taking it down!
  • I didn't finish until nearly 4. I sat down for a little bit until Robby offered to take my Christmas shopping. He was my chauffeur for the evening. We ran to store after store and he just dropped me off at the door. It worked fairly well, and I marked quite a bit off of my list. 
  • We did manage to eat us supper at On the Border and bring the kids home pizza. Once everyone ate, Reagan ordered her some clothes thus finishing my Christmas shopping for her (if everything fits). Then Whitman ordered his Christmas gift so I really did do well tonight. I even managed to buy a present for my brother from my mother. I am super happy with my progress.
  • Though even with all of my progress, I did realize that I am behind on preparing my Christmas ornament blog-thankfully I have 3 days until those start! I better get busy tonight! 

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