November 21, 2020

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  • I knew that I had a lot of things to accomplish today so I set my silly alarm for a Saturday. I didn't lollygag after hearing my alarm at all. I did quietly sneak to put on my clothes and scooted out of the house. No one else was awake yet, other than Robby who I woke probably woke up even while trying to be quiet.
  • My first stop was Walmart where I bought a few little xmas presents. Then it was over to Sams to switch sizes on something and to pick up my meds. Next, I scooted on to the library for a book pick up. 
  • When I made it back to the house, everyone was stirring, and we were soon heading to the Wilson's house. Now, Reagan hasn't left the house since last Thursday since she was near someone at school with the virus. We haven't been concerned at all but have wanted to follow the rules. We did break her out of her quarantine today to go to the Wilson's house since they okayed it, and since if she had been sick, they would have caught it from her already.
  • Reagan even got to drive over to their house. She seemed to enjoy her little outing. I guess I even forgot that she was still supposed to be quarantines since I let her drive me to Walmart (yes, again) after the game. She wanted to look for candles but didn't find any she liked. Now, don't worry, I will keep her at home tomorrow during church and that should round out our little quarantine business (at least this round-who knows what is to come!)
  • Tony griddled us a big breakfast-sausage, bacon, eggs, biscuits, hashbrowns, toast along with orange juice and chocolate milk. It was scrumptious! The ballgame wasn't that scrumptious, but it was entertaining. We weren't pleased with the outcome, but I did leave feeling like I have been to our first holiday party.
  • When Reagan and I made it home from the store, I worked on unloading all of my stuff from the day along with helping Robby load up the car. Then it was time for everyone to pack their clothes in the camper. 
  • Speaking of packing-my Keaton has been on a organizing kick. Her clothes were neatly folded and stacked just so. While the rest of my people, including my 15 year old, just threw their clothes in their spots. I did have to refold most of their clothes, because my personality is more like Keaton's!
  • Walmart brought the groceries tonight so we unloaded them and loaded up the camper with food. Afterwards, we heated up some ravioli for supper.
  • The kids had their showers tonight and I even had mine a bit early. I banged my knee in the camper and I must have bruised the mess out of it so I am walking around limping like Whitman. Whitman "hurt" his leg at the Wilson's house today and has been dragging his leg behind him most of the day.

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